a recently-married wedding photographer who can't wait to celebrate your love the way it deserves to be celebrated!

hiii, I'm tori!

I started taking pictures in middle school with my parents' old camera, a free editing app, and a whole lot of creative passion. My supportive family encouraged me to study photography in college where I discovered my love of weddings and never looked back! The day I walked across Radio City Music Hall's stage at graduation was the day I went full-time in my business. Now, I have the honor of photographing happily-in-love couples and educating photographers in creating their dream business!

i'm your photog!

Here's what I know to be true: your love story is unique. You deserve to have a wedding day and photography experience that represents that!

I'm here to help you have a stress-free and FUN day with your people as you marry the love of your freaking life! I'll be the one with the camera documenting all of the moments, big and small, that matter more and more as the years go on.

Since you're here with me, you probably resonate with my love for those candid moments and authentic, joyful holy-crap-we-are-so-dang-cute type of photos, right?! Yeah, I kindaaa thrive on creating a wildly fun environment to allow your real love to show through. None of that stiff, cheesy, fake stuff, pinky promise!!

if you're looking for a hype girl who captures the way your love really feels,

always cooking

annie's vegan mac+cheese

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cookie dough

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fuzzy socks

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puppy snuggles

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listening to

britney spears

relationship status

married to my teenage crush!

in my glass

tom collins

passport faves

edinburgh + florence

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always rewatching

harry potter

forever binging

schitts creek + gilmore girls

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target, of course

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taco bell burritos

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favorite color

yellow ochre

random obsession


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vanilla oat milk latte

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I've tried every hobby under the sun and nothing stuck quite like photography – 12 years later, and it's still my biggest passion!

daughter + sister

My family has supported every dream and they're the reason I am who I am! I'm forever grateful for my close-knit fam!


He is my supporter, my best friend, and I can always count on him for late night Taco Bell. We got married in August 2022!


After 12+ years of photography experience, I'm so passionate about teaching what I know to help others  grow their busness!


I probably haven't unpacked my last bag before packing for my next trip! I'm always up for an adventure to see the world!

rescue dog owner

Hazelnut (Hazel or Crazy Hazy as we like to call her) is our second rescue pup, and we couldn't adore her more!

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just to name a few!

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