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strategy call

You know what you want, and you need it as soon as freaking possible, so you can kick this passion into a career like .. right now!! I've been where you are, and together, we can dig deep into your current biz goals and dreams to make them happen waaay quicker than on your own!

Spend 90 minutes with me on a video call and come away with tangible steps and resources to grow your business! We can cover 1-3 in depth topics during our time! You'll receive a questionnaire to set a game plan for our call!

single day deep dive to craft your dream biz

vip day

The VIP day experience is fully focused on you and your growth in a guided one-day setting! This is the ideal next step from a 90-minute strategy call for those go-getters who want to dive deep!

We'll create a game plan for our 5-hour video call based on your in-depth questionnaire, so you can start to take action and crush you biz dreams during your VIP day!

Optional add on:
- Local, in-person couples session photographed together + posing guidance


group coaching

Hot daaang, this group coaching will literally walk you through everything you'll need to start and run a successful, booked out photography business! I've left all of my processes, practices, and experiences out on the table for you to soak in and implement over this 16-week, video call program. Alongside an intimate group of go-getters, we'll cross off every question you've ever had when it comes to starting and growing your dream biz!! You'll not only learn from me, but the talented community we create will help you thrive, as well! Every student gets one 1:1 call with me and Voxer access throughout the program!


1:1 extended coaching

Whether you're a fast-paced learner or need a bit more time to soak it all in, you can choose a track that fits your schedule! We'll build you a pathway to success within our 6 video calls fully customized to you and your business. Whether you choose weekly or bi-weekly calls, you'll come away with clear action plans, resources, and guidance to build your dream biz.

Optional local, in-person couples session photographed together + posing guidance in lieu of one call! You'll have mwaaah in your corner each step of the way!

coming in 2022!

inquire here!

inquire here!



currently fully booked!

11 out of 10 recommend Tori as a mentor!! WHAT A BOSS BABE!

Her knowledge + passion for all things business plus her immense amount of talent make her an outstanding mentor.

She's super kind, easy going and I never once felt judged.

Her knowledge is so powerful and she was BEYOND generous with her time!!


"she's super kind, easy going and i never once felt judged."

lauren carly

I was so drawn to how natural her couples looked and of course how beautiful all of her images are. I was struggling on workflow and posing with my models and I knew I needed help. It was the best decision I've made for my business! Photographing along side her helped me with breaking out of my comfort zone and learn new posing techniques. She didn't judge anything about my business and gave so many helpful tips that in 3 months I have completely changed my website, booking process and have gained so many new clients! She is such a genuine person and made me feel comfortable from the start!

"it was the best decision i've made for my business!"

catia conde

alaina elizabeth

Tori is AMAZING! I recently did a photographer mentoring session and the experience was incredible. She seriously is the epitome of the term “community over competition.” I got a ton of valuable feedback from Tori and she is so easy to be around, I felt like I was just hanging out with one of my friends. Whether you’re a beginner photographer or you’re ready to fully commit yourself to your business, I highly recommend investing in a mentoring session! Not only will you leave feeling more confident in yourself, but you will also gain a relationship with one of the best photographers in Jersey!

"she seriously is the epitome of the term 'community over competition.'"

I cannot say enough good things about my mentor session with Tori! She took an entire day to go over all of my questions surrounding running a business and set up a photoshoot with a couple so I could learn from her hands on. The tools that she gave me to progress my business have been immensely beneficial. She is extremely kind, professional, and fun! Her personality and joy is infectious. I would recommend a Tori Kelner mentor session to anyone who wants the tools to move forward from someone who is amazing company and they can trust. Tori, I can’t thank you enough! ❤️

"the tools that she gave me to progress my business have been immensely beneficial."

chelsea nemeth

As a photographer, Tori is incredible at what she does. As a business owner, Tori values community over competition which is so needed in this industry. I had a mentor session with Tori that was invaluable. This girl is a wealth of knowledge in so many areas and I walked away feeling motivated, confident, and supported in my business. She is an open line of communication for anything I might need in the future. She is generous and kind, never rushed our conversation or judged anything I felt insecure about. Tori is an incredible professional and person. I couldn't recommend her more for wedding photography or mentorship!

"i walked away feeling motivated, confident, and supported in my business."

kim domitrowski

the heart behind it all

Holy heckkk. I’m so freakin’ excited that you're here. You know why? It means you’re ready. Ready to dive into this creative passion of yours and make it work for you. I know what it’s like to want to take your hobby to the next level – to turn this dream into the real deal. It's an exciting and scary feeling of wanting to grow a business and find fulfillment in your life.

I remember feeling so overwhelmed when I started my business from wanting to learn all the things to just wanting to create every single day. Being able to take my camera and make it into my career had been a dream since I was 12. Late nights, day dreams, and all the in betweens, I've so been there.

There are so many options from self-education, online courses, workshops, conferences, mentoring, or just straight up figuring it out yourself through trial and error. I’ve soaked in so much free education online, I’ve spent thousands on online courses, and many more thousands on in-person workshops and conferences. I am grateful for every penny I spent on investing in my education and my business, because it has all led me here!

Now, I get to teach you how to cut YEARS off the hustle and start THRIVING in your dream career!

Whether you're not sure where you want to take this big ol' dream or you've been at it for a few years and are ready to up-level your game, I am so excited to help light that fire under your booty to finally do YOUR thaaang! Soak up all the free education I have for you here and dive into those paid mentoring opportunities when you're ready – I want you to know I'll hold your hand the entire way! I want you to get your money’s worth and know that this is truly an investment in your future, not just in your craft.

I believe in you. I support you. I admire you for taking this next step. There is so much to learn and I am inspired already by your drive to grow! Let's dive into the nitty gritty to help you go from "Oh, I like to take pictures in my free time" to "I'm a bad ass photographer changing people's lives daily!" I promise, it's not so scary when you have a friend walking through the adventure with you! Ya feelin me?! Let's dive in!

no secrets here, it's all yours!

freebies for you

when it comes to posing, do you:

struggle to fill a full session with new and unique poses?

get brain farts half way through?

have to check your phone or pinterest for ideas?

get frustrated with static, awkward, stiff posing that doesn't feel genuine?

just need some new ideas to create interesting and inspiring work?

feel like anytime you get a genuine laugh, you think you just got lucky?

spend hours on Instagram feeling like you'll never be good enough?

feel like you're constantly doing the same poses over and over?

posing freebies

download now


download now:

creating authentic movement

No stress friend, I've got youuuuu!

My movement posing freebie dives into crafting your own unique movement poses to enhance visual interest in your images while showing off your couples personalities! Download it below!

need a biz bff?

let's dig into your biggest dreams!

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