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Packages include helpful preparation guides and an online gallery of high-quality digital images. Additions can be made to each package through the á la carte options.

personalized portrait sessions for excited-at-heart, adventurous souls.


investment starting at $200

Package includes 8 hours of photography coverage, a second photographer, an online gallery of high-quality digital images, and a complimentary engagement session. Additions may be made to each package through the á la carte options.



investment starting at $2,100

Package includes helpful preparation guides, engagements session, and an online gallery of high-quality digital images. Additions may be made to each package through the á la carte options.



investment starting at $250

I recommend booking as soon as possible for both portraits and weddings. Dates are not always guaranteed, as others may be looking to book the same date, so as soon as you know you want to work together, let's make it happen!

I will gladly travel to your session or wedding! I adore photographing in meaningful, beautiful locations, so take me wherever you'd like! Travel fees will be included in your invoice, and we can discuss all the options upon inquiry!

For a session, I will typically suggest rescheduling if the forecast is showing heavy rain. I usually wait until a day or two before our session to make this decision. If we have to reschedule, I will work to find the soonest possible date that works for us both. If you adore the rain, I'm definitely up for a cute rainy date shoot with boots and an umbrella, though! For a wedding, there is not much we can do to stop the rain, but your day will be beautiful regardless of the weather. We will find the best locations to shoot all the photos and not let the rain get in the way!

I love when my seniors bring their family, friend, significant other, or dog along with them! I'd love to have them involved. I just ask that they arrive during the last 30 minutes of your session, so that we can get all of the special pictures of you first! If you're bringing a pet, I recommend having a family member join us so they can look after your pet once we are done with those shots!

This number will vary based on your personal taste, but I limit my sessions to a maximum of 3 outfits so that we can have more than enough time to capture images in each look. Some people prefer just one outfit for the whole shoot, while others like to bring two or three options, one for each new location!

For a session, you can expect around 60 fully edited, high-resolution digital images in your online gallery! For a wedding day, you can expect between 500-700 fully edited, high-resolution digital images in your online gallery!

Yes! The online gallery you will receive has a print shop option. You will be able to select your images and choose the prints you want right in there. Tangible images are so special, I definitely encourage printing these special memories!

Unfortunately no, but let me tell you why! As a photographer who is supporting and growing a business, I must protect my art by only releasing images that best reflect the standard that I work at. Unedited images just don't have that pop and vibe that you see from my final images that I work so hard to create. Also, many non-photographers don't have the computer programs to actually handle a RAW file, and many local stores that offer printing can't accept RAW files, so they are ultimately giant, useless files for you.

I require all of my paperwork to be finished before your wedding day or portrait session, as it allows us to focus entirely on getting the best images on your special day! I would be glad to work with you on a payment plan if you feel that you need one. 

I don't watermark my images, so they are distraction-free and ready to be posted and printed! As much as I would love for everyone to know that I've taken your images, I am more than grateful to simply have you posting my work in the first place and sharing with friends and family. Many clients choose to tag me in their social media posts or provide people with a link to my website for those who are interested in where they came from!

I always recommend thinking of a location that has some meaning to you and your fiancé, whether it is where you both met, your favorite date spot, or somewhere you've both been wanting to visit! However, it doesn't need to be meaningful. It may just be a beautiful location you stumbled upon or an ice cream shop because you both adore ice cream!

I go through all of the images and select the best images to edit, so you will not receive proofs but if I know you will love it, you will get it. Don't worry, I won't hold any great pictures from you.

For portrait and engagement sessions, you can expect a two-week turnaround. For weddings, you can expect a four- to six-week turnaround.

By booking with me, you're acknowledging that you have seen what my work looks like, and that you love both my photography and editing style! You're trusting me to deliver a beautiful gallery that represents you, while also remaining true to what I offer all of my clients. I do not take editing requests since you are booking me because you love the work I do!

I will do some light skin retouching and remove blemishes that are not naturally on your face; however, I won't edit anything that actually changes who you are! I will pose you in the most flattering way to capture all of your best angles, so editing won't be necessary!


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