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3 Ways to Systemize Your Business In Order to Free Up Time

Do you ever feel like you just can’t win at running your business? If so, I hope this post helps you realize that there NEEDS to be a shift in your practice. The “hustle” and “grind” life is way too exhausting to sustain, and it’s simply unnecessary! There were times in my business that felt like there was no way to keep up as a one-woman show. When I realized that owning my own business meant I could dictate my schedule, workload, and organization… things changed. To me, that meant that I could literally create a game that I could actually WIN. Want to craft your biz system to actually be achievable every single time? It’s time to shift from feeling the need to chase your business to actually owning it with ease.
Wondering how?! Like what the heck is that answer, Tor??? It may sound simple, but dang does it take some WERKKK to get this baby running like a well-oiled machine! The answer to time freedom in your business is to have SYSTEMS. Have a WORKFLOW for every little aspect of your business. It sucks your valuable time to just fly by the seat of your pants with every new client. Set rules, criteria, schedules, and intentions that you can follow whether you have one client or 100 clients.
Systemization and workflow is the key to having some actual freedom in your schedule. Here are a few places to start:

1. Email Templates

There are SO many of the same emails that need to get sent to every single couple. I’ve simply created templates that leave plenty of room for customization so I don’t sound like a robot! I have over a hundred email templates with spaces for me to personalize. They’re all formatted with the information and links my clients will always need. If you’ve written an email more than once, it’s probably a good indication to make it a template!
You can organize these emails as ‘canned responses’ withing GMail. You can also organize them into a searchable Google Doc to copy and paste. Most efficiently, you can keep them stored within your CRM (the next tip will explain this one!)

2. CRM (Client Relationship Management)

I hopped onto HoneyBook after having all of two wedding clients because I realized I needed a way more organized system to send contracts, accept payments, send questionnaires, and manage the day to day tasks that every couple needed from me. It’s so much easier to start the process early BEFORE the stress and overwhelm hit. Be proactive about your systems and you’ll be able to manage it once your busy season rolls around! Plus, this organization and system will allow you to offer a refined, elevated client experience (think: 5-star ratings and word-of-mouth referrals!) Within your CRM, setting up a semi-automated workflow that you can apply to every client’s project is truly the power behind the platform.
So, does it sound like you’re in need of a CRM like HoneyBook?! You can try it out for free for a few weeks, and if you love it, you can use this link to get 50% off your first year!

3. Outsourcing

It may seem daunting to fork over your hard-earned money early on in your business, but there are going to be parts of your business that you’re just not as good at or that you don’t enjoy doing. And that’s OKAY. You started a business to do the one thing that you love, not to become an accountant, marketer, website designer, copywriter, office manager, email junkie, salesperson, and the list goes on. By outsourcing the parts of your business that aren’t in your zone of genius (aka whatever it is that makes you feel like a friggen rockstar), you will free up time from “the grind” and “the hustle” and just straight up FLOW in what you excel at.


Here’s what I’ve outsourced:

I’ve outsourced ALL of my finances within the first week of starting my business because numbers ain’t my game. I hired a CPA to manage my books and taxes and never have to worry or stress about that part not getting done.

I also outsourced album design because I wanted an expert to rock my designs while saving me days of designing (shout out to Align Album Design)!!!

After just a few weddings, I outsourced my editing for weddings so that I could focus on editing the key moments of the day and then save countless hours and even days finishing up the full gallery.

Lastly, I’ve outsourced my calendar and email organization by bringing on a virtual assistant to help me manage maintenance tasks in my business! By outsourcing, I am able to free up time to take on more weddings and shoots or to just have a LIFE.

You don’t need to do all of this tomorrow, but if you feel like your business is running you, know that you have the control to turn the game into one that you can always win. Need help with any of this or feeling overwhelmed?! Comment below, email me, or send me a message on Instagram, PLEASE. I want to help you figure out how you can win at YOUR game!
*Please Note: This post contains a few affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase from the link provided. There is no added cost to you!*

3 Ways to Systemize Your Business In Order to Free Up Time

June 13, 2020

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