Their Session: Ringwood, NJ

I got connected with these two cuties through another sweet couple, Sarrah & Ahmed, who I photographed in Asbury Park, NJ! Noha and Sarrah are sisters, and when they saw the photos of Sarrah and Ahmed, they reached out for a session of their own! I was so humbled that they both loved my work so much with their family that they wanted to plan a sesh, too!

Noha and Houssein had a wild ride when it came to their session! There was a massive storm in NJ a few days before, so trees were down, power was out, and so on! We not only all got stuck in crazy detours and traffic heading to their location, we also couldn’t get in! The entrance was closed, but these two really wanted to make their session happen, so we parked at the bottom of the road and hiked our way up about 30 minutes! Yep, they were in their super classy, fancy outfits and all! The road was closed because a huge tree had fallen into the road, so we had to climb it and keep going. What I love about this session is that although so many couples have their session at this location, they probably don’t get to capture all of the beautiful spots along the trail up like we did! These two were such troopers to taking the time to hike up – they were so positive and we caught the most adorable photos of them just being so dang in love! xo

Their Love Story

They initially met on Instagram on August 2018 – Houssein slid into Noha’s DMs! Houssein lived in California at the time and let her know he was going to be in Boston in September and asked if they could meet up when he was in the area. They talked for a month and decided to meet at a coffee shop/bookstore in Boston called Trident when he came to visit. It was actually really funny because they both walked passed the bookstore when we were looking for it and almost walked passed each other to second time they were looking for it, but thankfully Noha saw Houssein and called his name! They got to walk into the bookstore together.
They got coffees and just talked about their day and how excited they were to both see each other. Houssein surprised her with an Apple Watch because she was debating if she should buy one at the time, which totally caught her by surprise! Houssein had to head out early because he was in Boston for a talk he was giving for Google where he works! They hung out together the next 2 days for practically the whole day, and they haven’t stopped seeing each other since!
Houssein set up a beautiful proposal in a gazebo in Central Park! They were walking through the park on a chilly night and he surprised her with decked out candles and a “Marry Me” sign. So sweet!!
I asked them what their favorite quality of their significant other was and they both had such thoughtful answers! She said, “For Houssein, I love that he’s so patient, kind, gentle and a great listener. He always makes me feel like I can be my true self.” Houssein said, “Noha is funny and is always the energy of the room. Her love is contagious and I can’t help but smile when I’m with her. She he is headstrong and has such a good heart, always caring for people closest to her.”

Noha & Houssein,

Thank you for taking on this crazy adventure session with so much joy and excitement! You made this 30-minute uphill hike so much fun! I loved getting to know you two better and hearing all about your families, wedding plans, and love story! Wishing you two all the best on this exciting new adventure together! xo

Classy Manor Engagement Session, NJ | Noha & Houssein

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