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Adding Visual Interest into your Wedding Day

Tori Kelner Photography WeddingsWhen planning the details of your wedding day, there are many ways to spice up the room, decor, and details that will make them more visually appealing, both in person and in your photos! A few places where you might want to consider adding visual interest are your florals, statement pieces, and at varying heights!

Tori Kelner Photography WeddingsFlorals

Our parents are probably so envious of how many floral options we have nowadays, and for good reason! The possibilities are literally endless, from hanging geometric bouquets to long palm leaf table runners and beautiful boho flower crowns! We’re not limited to only having a white rose bouquet or a simple floral bunch centerpiece like our parents and grandparents were, so I say go crazy and be bold with your flowers!

To spice things up, consider asking your florist for a bouquet and arrangements that are super organic and flowy! Having hanging florals and textures in your bouquet that cascade down toward your feet will accentuate your dress rather than cause a ‘roadblock’ like a tighter ‘ball’ bouquet might! Organic free-flowing florals will mimic the shape and curve of your dress, giving you and others a lot more to look at and enjoy! Maybe even consider flowing ribbons or fun greenery accents. 

Tori Kelner Photography Weddings Tori Kelner Photography WeddingsDo you just LOVE succulents? Add them into your bouquet, table centerpieces, or even create an epic photo wall backdrop! Maybe you’re having a winter wedding and want to decorate the mantle above your ceremony space’s fireplace. Create a cascading garland of pine tree branches and sprigs of holly berries held up by some white birch logs. You’re not confined to having the same type of flower that has been used over and over in so many arrangements, so get creative and have fun with it! Your guests and your photos will thank you for it later!

Tori Kelner Photography WeddingsTori Kelner Photography Weddings

Statement Pieces

It’s always fun to have a few key elements of your day that are statement pieces or eye-catchers! It could be a super unique seating chart that doubles as a photo backdrop once all of the cards are removed or a wildly unique sweetheart table, DIYed with furniture, greenery, and personal touches! I’ve seen everything from outdoor furniture for lounging and a bar set up that doubles as a great photo spot to a ceremony backdrop that is just absolutely stunning! Having some key, statement elements for your day will not only wow your guests but will give your day its own personal flair and uniqueness!

Tori Kelner Photography WeddingsTori Kelner Photography WeddingsTori Kelner Photography Weddings

Varying Heights

Something you might not have thought of is adding visual interest at different heights! Consider placing interesting decor or elements at varying heights rather than keeping everything at one level. You can do this in your reception by varying the tables with centerpieces of different heights or having some that are wider, taller, smaller, etc. This will add some visual interest to the room rather than walking in and seeing everything just at eye-level. This will dynamically fill out the space even more, especially when you have tall ceilings at your venue.Tori Kelner Photography Wedding

When thinking about height in your ceremony, consider having details both high and low, as this will create a well-rounded design. Picture flowers flowing around and over an arbor as your eye-level visual interest, while vintage rugs and flower petal trails by your feet build interest from the ground level! Is your wedding on a farm with amazing big willow trees? See if you can put up string-lights in the branches or hang paper lanterns that dangle over your dance floor! Tall taper candles of varying heights work well in both your ceremony and reception decor. Just remember to keep heights in mind as you design your day!

Tori Kelner Photography Wedding

Adding personality, flair, and your uniqueness into your day will ALWAYS stand out! You two aren’t typical and your day shouldn’t be either! Consider creating Pinterest mood boards for inspiration that you can share with the vendors who will be crafting your day will help them visualize the vibe you’re envisioning too! But let their creativity run wild, as well! You’d be surprised at the magic these artists can create when they’re given free range!

Need some vendor recommendations to make your dream day come to life?!

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Tori Kelner Photography Weddings

Adding Visual Interest into your Wedding Day

June 18, 2020

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