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I’ve already shared my 2019 wedding recap post, but people always ask me what the heck I do during the WEEK when I’m not photographing weddings. Wellllll, that’s a loaded question considering I find myself in front of my computer every waking second! Howevaaa, when I’m not at my desk running my business, I’m out […]

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2019 was truly a year to remember for me! I am so excited to share this huge wrap up of all of my incredible 2019 couples and weddings in this year in review post! I decided to split up weddings and sessions since it was getting a little wild, so take some time to scroll […]

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Artichoke Bouquet Florist Flowers New Jersey Wedding Photographer Tori Kelner Photography

If you know me, you know artichokes are my spirit flower (yes, FLOWER)! But I realized I’ve never really shared why they hold so much importance to me. Beyond just being absurdly delicious (dip those leaves in vegan mayo and I’m a happy lil veg), I actually find so much joy in eating them. Ugh, […]

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This is what happens when you realize you can use your camera for more than just pictures of people… I’m officially DIY obsessed. This is a super simple recipe because I’m no Martha Stewart over here. Plus, who doesn’t love easy?! It smells incredible, looks cute and makes for a perfect gift. If only it […]

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