Their Session: Asbury Park, NJ

Christina and Jared’s summer Asbury Park engagement session perfectly captures Lana Del Rey’s lyrics: “hot summer nights, mid-July, when you and I were forever wild.” They chose some of their favorite spots in an area that means so much to them from Day’s Ice Cream to MOGO Tacos to hitting the beach at sunset! They truly captured the whole vibe and feeling of Asbury Park – colorful, quirky, quaint, and so much fun! Asbury Park is where Christina’s best summer memories have always been, and it’s now a special place that Jared gets to experience with her family!

From minute one, these two had one another laughing, tearing up, and enjoying every second of their time together. It’s SO sweet getting to capture two people who are entirely and so fully in love with one another – it just shows in everything they do!

Day’s Ice Cream felt like a little step back in time that paired perfectly with the gorgeous homes in the neighborhood. Christina and Jared love swooning over the historic homes and they made for such a fun backdrop for the first stop of their engagement session! Next up, tacos at MOGOS before hitting the colorful murals on the boardwalk! Wonderbar was also a unique and iconic spot in Asbury, which was a must for photos!

To finish off the night, as the sun set and blue hour snuck in, Christina and Jared were all for getting their feet wet and roaming around on the rock jetty! Running around in the ocean was the most romantic way to end this insanely fun session!

Their Love Story

They had their first date in January 2019 at Rival Brothers Coffee Shop in Philadelphia, PA! Jared was Christina’s first-ever Hinge date, and it was quite the success – they clicked immediately. After 2.5 years of Philly life, they moved to Washington DC for Christina’s new job!

She shared, “Jared is my best friend and my number one supporter. I feel so thankful that we have such an honest, uplifting, and emotionally supportive relationship. We do basically everything together. Our favorite things to do together are to try new restaurants, visit all of DC’s museums, go on long walks and talk about houses we pass on the street that we can’t afford to buy, attend concerts (we love rock, indie, and alternative music), and wrangle our rambunctious kitten, Archie.”

When I asked what they love about one another, they shared the cutest responses!! Jared said Christina is “incredibly considerate, emotionally intelligent, and makes the best homemade pizza. Christina is an amazing planner – she is my type A princess. I love how much research and effort she puts into everything she does – including special cookies that take 48 hours to make so they can develop more flavor! Christina accepts me with all of my flaws and says that the nerdiest thing about me is how much I hate Star Wars.”

While Christina shared that she loves Jared’s confidence and that he’s “Jared is so confident. He’s “always just 100% authentically and unashamedly himself — and as a somewhat insecure person, I just really admire that about him! Because of that, I feel like I can be 100% myself around him and he’ll never judge me. He’s very smart & articulate and I love all of the conversations we have together. He’s so considerate and is always doing such kind things for me — I’m especially appreciative of his willingness to go on a late night snack run for me!” How sweet are they?!

Christina and Jared,

You two made your summer Asbury Park engagement session feel like the most magical date night ever! I’m so honored to capture your love story and to see how undeniable your connection is! I can’t wait for round two at Terrain next fall!! Wishing you the most amazing engagement, enjoy every second!! xoxo

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Summer Asbury Park Engagement Session, NJ | Christina & Jared

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