Summer Perrinneville Lake Park Portrait Session

Her Session: Perrineville Lake Park

It is absolutely the biggest honor when someone who is interested in photography reaches out to me about helping them learn the ropes! I offer online and in-person mentoring sessions for photographers looking to grow their business and live out their passion, so when Tiffany made the leap to dive into her dream of becoming a photographer, I was BEYOND overjoyed!! 

Tiffany chose my full mentoring session package where we meet for lunch AND shoot a real session! We met up at Panera for a fun lunch chat where we talked for hours about everything from editing styles to marketing on Instagram to the more legal side of having a photography biz! I had sooo much fun talking to her about all this good stuff and I seriously could have just kept on chatting with her for DAYS! It was so inspiring to me to see all of the new ideas sparking in her! Following our lunch chat, we headed over to a local park for the shooting portion of Tiffany’s mentoring session, where I got to teach her how to pose a couple, look for the best light, pick the right camera settings, and so much more! It was such a blast getting to teach my process of working with couples to her, and I am sooooo excited for Tiffany to continue on this journey and thrive in her photography biz!!! You freaking go, girl!

Check out the images I captured from the mentoring session while teaching Tiffany about working with a couple! Casey and Josh were such a dream couple to capture!

About Tiffany

Tiffany is in her early 20s and recently graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick! With a degree in Information Technology, she quickly realized she loves the idea of not working a 9-5, which is one of the reasons that she would LOVE to have her own photography business! She is also a HUGE country music fan, which she feels ties into her photography style because she loves anything with a rustic or country vibe! Besides photography, Tiffany loves watermelon drinks, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, is obsessed with puppies (same, girl!), and she also has a Youtube Channel where she shares her passion for makeup by uploading tutorials! So fun and talented!

Tiffany’s interest in photography first started when she was in middle school! Her parents had bought her a DSLR camera and she started out taking photos of her school’s sports teams for the yearbook! At that point, photography had only been a small hobby for as she says, “I wasn’t consistent. My dad actually used the camera more than I did for a few years when he took pictures of me playing sports. I took photos on and off of just scenery because I didn’t really know what I was doing and felt discouraged.”

It wasn’t until 2018, that Tiffany took the leap to sell her first camera and upgraded it for a new one, which she now uses to take portraits of her friends whenever she has the chance! With a big dream of living in Nashville, photographing couples and weddings in the country would be the absolute ideal situation for this chica!


You freaking rock, girlfriend. I am SO proud of you for taking the leap to start learning and growing your business and passion so early on. You’re so talented and I can’t wait to see how far you go! Thank you for choosing me to be your mentor and for being such a kick-ass lady! I’m so impressed by you! xoxo

Summer Perrinneville Lake Park Portrait Session Summer Perrinneville Lake Park Portrait Session Summer Perrinneville Lake Park Portrait Session Summer Perrinneville Lake Park Portrait Session Summer Perrinneville Lake Park Portrait Session Summer Perrinneville Lake Park Portrait Session Summer Perrinneville Lake Park Portrait Session

Summer Perrineville Lake Park Portrait Session, Millstone, NJ | Tiffany Hunter

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