Jessica’s Session:

When I tell you we’ve been planning this session for YEARS, I’m completely serious! Jess found me a few years back on Instagram and reached out to plan a shoot. Something always seemed to get in the way each time her session date was coming up whether it was the weather or a work schedule change, so we just had to keep pushing it back! I was SO glad we could finally make this session happen, and we got such an absolutely perfect day! It was well worth the wait!! Jess was so down for everything from modeling with people around to rolling in the sand for the cutest pictures!

When I asked her why she wanted to do this session, she told me how as she’s getting older, she’s realizing how important is it to document the little things, even if it’s just how you look and feel during this time in your life. She wanted to capture herself right now, and have these photos to look back on! I LOVE that she cares about those little things, and was willing to invest time into herself to feel beautiful and have a great day dedicated to herself!

This girl right here is SO happy, friendly, easy-going, caring, and super passionate. I loved getting to learn more about her work, how she’s been managing through the pandemic, and what she loves to do in her free time! Ideally, she’d be off visiting somewhere new and fun any chance she could get or relaxing on the beach until dinner time! She loves the beach, so it was perfect to plan a session in Sandy Hook to show that off!


Thank you so much for being so patient and waiting for this session to finally happen! I’m so glad we could find an amazing day for you! You’re such a rockstar, and I loooved getting you in front of my camera! So so proud of you for loving yourself and planning this session for YOU! <3

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