Tara and Andrew seriously make my heart melt. This was my second time shooting with Tara, and I am so thankful that Andrew came along for this sweet morning session at Perrineville Lake Park in Millstone, NJ. They both were up for all of my crazy ideas, from running barefoot in the dewy grass to writing love notes to each other without asking me to explain why (you’ll see)!

When I asked how they met, Tara told me that Andrew saw her making a fool of herself, because she didn’t know how to use one of the machines at the gym. GIRL, I feel you! They started talking at the gym a few different times, which led to their first date where they ordered the same exact meal. They both come from Italian families, so food is definitely a big deal, and they like to try new restaurants and go to the movies for date nights! I just love how easily they can make each other laugh and how willing Andrew was to be involved in all the posing and ideas we had. I asked him to pick Tara up and spin her a bunch of times and he took the dizziness like a champ. I think it was pretty worth it, I mean, just look at these two! Thanks for being so awesome, Tara and Andrew!

Tara & Andrew | Early Mornings and Open Fields at Perrineville Lake Park, NJ

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