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TKP’s Stance on Inclusivity & Gay Marriage in the Wedding Industry

If you stand for something and stay quiet, you’re allowing what you believe in to stay unheard and unchanged.

I am only one voice but I can be one MORE voice that is needed in this industry. Here’s something I’ve always felt and will forever stand by but realized I never formalized it into words:

I’ve heard some of the craziest stories from LGBTQ+ couples planning their wedding from vendors adamantly not changing the language of their contracts to respect each couples’ wishes (aka refusing to change the terms bride and groom in the contract when there are two brides, two grooms, two partners) to vendors outright declining the inquiry because they don’t support gay marriage.

My heart hurts knowing so many vendors are missing out on so many incredible love stories and couples who deserve to have their weddings and love documented. In an industry meant for love, it hurts to know that LGBTQ+ couples are made to feel less than or that their love isn’t valid, allowed, or respected.

Everyone’s views and beliefs are their own, and I know little of religion other than that it seems clear that loving others is a huge part of the ideals, so I can’t wrap my head around picking and choosing who deserves that love. I know there are plenty of incredible vendors who are also religious and support gay marriage, and to that, I want to say a HUGE thank you! Your views are vital in our community!

I understand that religion runs deep and is a huge core of who people are, and I mean no disrespect to that at all, but it does nobody any good to not verbalize my beliefs when so many vendors practice theirs by turning away gay couples. If they can mention that they don’t approve of same-sex marriage, then I can mention that I believe it in deeply!

It’s unfair to the LGBTQ+ community to have an ally stay quiet. It’s unfair to keep my mouth shut and not remind people that bigotry is simply not okay. It’s unfair to the wedding industry to allow such archaic prejudices to continue. I’m not okay with letting my business fall into a middle ground or let it stay unknown on where I stand on the matter.

Point blank: I’m here for all love. Gay, straight, trans, interracial, all shapes and sizes, and literally anyone in between. I’m with you. I’m for you. I support you.

I deeply believe that who I choose to be on my photography team for each and every couple’s wedding day should be a representation of these ideals and beliefs, which are that all couples deserve to be loved and respected, no matter what their sexual orientation is. I will continue to work really hard to find only photographers who respect all types of love to work with me for my couples.

I promise to:

  • work SO hard to make my brand a safe space for you from customizing all contracts, questionnaires, and communication to be inclusive and respectful of who you and your partner are
  • listen to you, hear your wants and needs, and deliver a product that truly represents the love you two share
  • always be a support system, an advocate, and a fighter with you
  • love on you the way I love on all my couples and to make you feel so taken care of
  • always keep the conversation open to discussion and advice
  • be open-minded on learning how to be a better ally and friend in life and business
  • always work toward new and improved ways to open my business up to all communities

Fall Hollyhedge Estate Wedding New Hope PA

I truly hope one day more vendors can find it in their hearts to reconsider their view on marriage – it’s a much happier world when people start to open their hearts to everyone.

With that said, I hope to book even more couples who break these crazy “norms” our society has set and who want their wildly adventurous love represented genuinely! My heart is with you – I know the wedding industry can be freaking cruel at times, and I hope your photography experience can be a source of light and love through it all. 🥰🌈

TKP’s Stance on Inclusivity & Gay Marriage in the Wedding Industry

May 13, 2020

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