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The Perks of Sunset Portraits on Your Wedding Day

Tori Kelner Photography Golden Hour Sunset PhotosIf you’ve talked to any photographer, you probably know that most of us are suckers for that golden hour light! I mean, who isn’t really?! Not only is it STUNNING in photos when you have a dreamy golden sunset, but there are so many other amazing reasons why carving out some intentional time for sunset portraits is beneficial on your wedding day!

1. Extra Portraits

Whether you are planning a first look or not for your big day, you can always count on 10-15 extra minutes for sunset portraits to spice up your gallery so much! In the event that you aren’t planning a first look, there is always the chance that your portrait time may get cut short due to unexpected circumstances like the ceremony taking longer than expected or someone gets lost at the bar during family photos, which can cause your couple photos to lose some much-wanted time! However, if you designate some time for sunset portraits, you are ensuring that you have time to make up for any lost time or you’ll just get MORE time for portraits together on your big day! More time = more pictures, and your pictures as a married couple are, of course, some of the most important from the whole day! So you don’t want to miss out on getting all the beautiful portraits you possibly can!

Tori Kelner Photography Golden Hour Sunset Photos2. Alone Time

This one is the most important in my eyes! You’ll find that no matter how relaxed we make your timeline, with breaks and rest time, you are still going to feel like the day just flew by! If you don’t set aside specific time to slow down and be present with just the two of you, you may realize that you never got a second alone on your big day! By planning for a first look, you prioritize that time, and by adding in sunset portrait time, you ensure another window of time to relax and melt into one another after the day and feelings have finally settled in!

Tori Kelner Photography Golden Hour Sunset Photos3. We can PLAY

I incorporate movement and fun, energetic images into every moment of the day, but you may feel like you don’t want to run around and get too crazy before the ceremony so that you don’t mess up your hair or break a little sweat! Totally understandable 😉 We’ll still get sooo many fun shots before the ceremony, but after the ceremony, during sunset, is when we can really play and get creative! Your hair falls out a little, you’ve changed into comfy shoes, you’ve taken off the suit jacket, and you’ve had a few of your signature drinks! NOW we can really run around, try some lifts, and capture all of your carefree, wild and whimsical vibes as the sun sets behind you!

Tori Kelner Photography Golden Hour Sunset Photos4. Explore the Venue

We may have to limit the number of spots we can hit as we’re rolling through portraits from yours to your wedding party and family portraits just for the sake of time. So, later in the evening, we can take a little stroll to parts of your venue that most people don’t have time for! Maybe that means taking a golf cart ride up to the mountain overlook spot or hopping into the canoe on the lake!

Tori Kelner Photography Golden Hour Sunset Photos5. You Can Get Some Air

This one is actually super practical! Your dance floor is going to be poppin’ and you’re going to break a sweat! Heading out for 15 minutes allows some time to cool off and get some fresh air! Afterward, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to get back out on the dance floor for the night!

Tori Kelner Photography Golden Hour Sunset Photos

I will work with you thoroughly to craft a seamless timeline and make sure you get that extra time for sunset portraits! If the day is looking a little overcast and there isn’t a sunset, we can still totally head out for some epic portraits with a moody sky and get some awesome dusk photos! Either way, taking that little break sometime during the evening is such a valuable and beautiful part of the entire wedding day!

The Perks of Sunset Portraits on Your Wedding Day

May 14, 2020

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