Washington Square Park Engagement Session, NY | Jillian & Jason

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Their Session: Washington Square Park, NY

It was so crazy being back in the city again and photographing a city session, as I’ve been out in nature a lot this year with my couples! I went to college in Manhattan, so it’s always fun to be back around the areas I would roam around in between classes and on weekends! Jill goes to NYU, so Washington Square Park is where she studies and spend a lot of time in between classes! I had such a blast with these two getting super playful and wild on the cobblestone street where they told me many famous authors used to come to write and in the park where the hustle and bustle of NYC was in full swing. It was so much fun getting to know these two, hear more of their love story, and just let them reconnect in the city they love so much! I was so thankful they were up for all the fun prompts and direction I threw their way from running in the streets to making out in the fountain – yaaas!!!

Their Love Story

Jillian and Jason met on online – they both had been through some tougher relationships, and they ended up connecting by chance. He lived in Long Island and she was home visiting her family one weekend and happened to ‘swipe right.’ She says, “He ever so kindly informed me he was not interested in a pen pal since I live in New Jersey and we stopped chatting. A few weeks later he texted me again and we scheduled a first date for the following week. I have never liked to date and almost bailed. It took four calls to friends and some serious deep breathing to not. I thought he was totally not my type and had committed to not seeing him again. Then came a second date, and by the third date – I totally had a moment where I just knew I was stuck with him forever. He is the total Peeta to my Katniss and the best human!”

They love going to Home Goods together to buy pieces for their new apartment, which they have been loving so much! Jason is always surprising Jill with fun stuff, and they just love being together whether it’s in their own space or out with friends!
When I asked these two what their favorite quality about the other is, they dove in deep! Jill noted first thing that she loves his abs, haha! Then she continued with, “Jason has taught me how to trust and recognize that it is okay to depend on others; how to take a breath and slow down from taking over the world. He brings out this internal balance of strength, yet vulnerability at the same time. I think about this all the time…and most days there are just not words to put to the feeling. He is equally as goofy as me and understands the value of not taking yourself too seriously. Plus he understands that I need a coffee in my hand regardless of our plans. Jason is the Peeta to my Katniss. He never mutes my fire.”
Plus, she loves that she gets to “be weird with my favorite weirdo for the rest of my life. And he doesn’t mind cleaning the bathroom.” Major perks!!! 🙂
Jason says, “Jill ignited a spark in me that really brought me to life. She makes me feel like it’s alright to be myself and pushes me to pursue things that make me feel happy and truly fulfilled. She introduced me to true love. I didn’t know what it was until I met her. Our love, work, and families align and we do our best to live a life that is a balance of everything important to us. Her giving, hard-working, goal-oriented nature is something that I admire to no end. Her selflessness makes her so incredibly special because she is always thinking of how she can help others. She really is incredible.” Wow, these two!!

Jill & Jason,

You two make my heart so happy! I had such a great evening hanging with you two, connecting over our shared love of Gilmore Girls, Tequila, and Britney Spears, and just seeing how beautiful your love is! Thank you for being up for all of my wild ideas and getting me back to Washington Square Park for the first time in a long time! SO excited for this next step in your journey together. Congratulations!!! xo

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