Their Engagement Session: Wave Resort, Long Branch, NJ

To say I’m obsessed with these two giggly love birds is an understatement! Their Aperol-Spritz-Inspired engagement session at Wave Resort was one for the books! I not only SO much joy out of capturing their love, but also when looking back on it all while editing! I just smiled the whole time while editing their gallery! These two are best friends to a t, there’s no denying their connection! They had the most imcredible Italy adventures that lead to their engagement, and Aperol Spritz played a bit part on their trip! I love that they brought that unqiue touch into their engagement session to make it even more “them”! Plus, they’re getting married at Wave Resort, so why not get the most out of their perfect venue?!

Their Love Story

Jake and Allie met at Rutgers during their freshman year of college! She lived on the floor above him, and they had philosophy class together. Since she missed the first few weeks of school, Jake would help her get caught up on her work, even reading the textbook to her when she didn’t feel like studying! Over the next few months, they spent more and more time together, and on May 4th, 2013 Jake asked Allie to be his girlfriend by sneaking a poem in the bill at a fancy dinner!

Fast forward through the years, they’ve realized their love for travel and adventure. They’ve adopted 3 rescue kitties who they’re slightly obsessed with and found mutual hobbies like running and watching Marvel movies!

Their proposal is just the sweetest! Here’s what Jake said, “Knowing that one of Allie and my favorite activities is, is traveling and exploring the world, I knew that a proposal in Italy was the perfect plan. What I didn’t realize is how hard it is to keep anything secret from her … or TSA. Hiding the ring in any nook and crevice I found in my apartment, I was able to (not) sneakily bring the ring with me as we went through Newark airport. I found out months later that while she was helping pack our suitcases she found the ring in my nightstand and knew the whole time. Thankfully, she gave me a few months of thinking I was good at keeping things secret. 

Once in Italy, it was a picture-perfect memory – beautiful scenery, great food, tons of laughter, and Italian humidity that made you fuse with any seat you sat on. As we neared the engagement, I felt more and more nervous; I needed this to be a memory that Allie always remembers fondly with a smile from ear-to-ear. I had been contacting a photographer the past few weeks who helped set up a gondola ride and we met with in the middle of town. As we boarded the gondola, all I could remember was looking at her and the two of us constantly laughing and smiling, even before the proposal. We laughed so much that even the photographer had to ask us to try and act serious to no avail. When I finally did ask her to marry me, she was so nervous that she said “YES” before I finished actually asking her.”

Allie & Jake,

You two are a DREAM – your happiness together makes anyone near you feel amazing, too. I can’t wait to see how that joy grows on your wedding day! Maaany more laughs and sweet memories to come! Wishing you two an incredible engagement, I can’t wait until you’re officially The Carlins! I know the kitties are so excited! 🙂 Thank you for planning this adorable Aperol-Spritz-Inspired engagement session, and letting us explore more of your venue together!

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Aperol-Spritz-Inspired Engagement Session, Wave Resort, NJ | Allie & Jake

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