As I’m driving, I’m constantly amazed by what is on the sides of the roads. I KNOW, looking away from the road is a terrible, but when I see an awesome building, location or patch of land, I just have to figure out where I am, so I can shoot there in the future. I’m a good driver, I swear, I just get so excited about the possibilities of all these unique spots! This little run-down, memorial library in my town was one of those places. I noticed it while I was thankfully stuck in traffic, so I could get a quick picture and find it again.

I had the location, and a brand new lens that I was super excited about. I just needed a model! I’ve shot with Carly before, and she is always up for my ideas (like covering her in glitter or putting her in a disgusting lake up to her stomach – she rocked it!), so when I told her that I saw this random, little building on the side of the road, she was totally up for it! She’s an incredible makeup artist, so I loved being able to highlight her talents with some close ups. Also, does anyone else see how much she looks like Kathryn Prescott (Emily) from Skins?! I see it. Enjoy all the cool finds we came across at this hidden gem of a location!


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