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I'm Tori, a portrait and wedding photographer based in central New Jersey. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet; I'm so happy you're here. Come check out the full galleries from recent weddings and portrait sessions, behind the scenes, personal posts, helpful tips and more. Please feel free to take a look, and let me know if there is anything special you'd love to see in a future post. I hope to hear from you soon!



Danielle | The Corporate Blogger Portrait Session, Central NJ

Sometimes you meet a person and instantly click, and other times, you click with somebody who has been in your life for years, but you never knew how much you both had in common. That’s this boss gal right here! Danielle is one of my close friend’s older sister, and I never really sat down and had a reaaal conversation with her until recently. She had reached out asking about a portrait session for a new blog she wanted to start a little while back. Fast forward to today, and The Corporate Blogger has become such a useful resource and entertaining read!

I’m so thankful for people like Danielle. The people who tirelessly work to not only succeed in their own endeavors but to see that others do the same. The people who encourage others to try for their big dreams and genuinely support them along the journey. The people who will sit there and talk about the hard losses and the big wins. The people who don’t put others down. And the people who are so passionately going about their lives that they don’t have time for anyone’s negativity to get in the way. This girl right here gets me feeling all inspired and giddy whether we are talking about social media, relationships, or just what we are feeling from day-to-day. Can you tell I’m obsessed with this sweet human?!

I call her a boss gal, boss lady, go-getter, dream-chaser, you name it, she’s all of it. Danielle’s blog is all about young women working in the corporate world. She is bringing light to a stereotype that the corporate world sucks the fun out of your days, but hey, watch this girl’s Instagram stories during work hours and you’ll see the opposite! She brings her unique fashion sense, joyful spirit, huge smile and The Greatest Showman soundtrack (of course!!) to what is typically thought of as a stuffy environment. I can 100% say I look forward to seeing her inspirational stories every morning. I’m by no means in the corporate world, but her blog posts have given me so much to think about, and I just love seeing how much this passion project of hers grows with every single post. If you aren’t sure what I’m saying… go check out her blog, it’s killer!

This day was seriously so much fun. I loved seeing how she paired her different outfits with each location. My personal favorite is her ugly yellow (her words, not mine!) outfit and Starbucks coffee, because who can be sad at work when you’re wearing ugly yellow?! Goal for this week, wear ugly yellow. We explored a bunch of little hidden gems around the area, jammed to TGS soundtrack to get her dancing while we shot, warmed up in a cute coffeeshop (I ordered a rose tea, and it was the first time I got one of those pretty designs in my drink. I was really excited..), and got smoothie bowls to finish off her session (not pictured… I ate it too fast)! Keep on scrolling for some of my favorites from Danielle’s session, and be sure to go give her some love on her blog and Instagram!


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Danielle | The Corporate Blogger Portrait Session, Central NJ

February 22, 2018

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