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I'm Tori, a portrait and wedding photographer based in central New Jersey. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet; I'm so happy you're here. Come check out the full galleries from recent weddings and portrait sessions, behind the scenes, personal posts, helpful tips and more. Please feel free to take a look, and let me know if there is anything special you'd love to see in a future post. I hope to hear from you soon!


Couples in Love

Fall Tyler State Park Engagement Session, Newtown, PA | Christa & Billy

Their Session: Tyler State Park, Newtown, PA

OOOOH this Tyler State Park engagement session is giving me LIFE! Billy and Christa showed the heck up and were so much fun to hang out with. I loved getting to know this giggly, joyful duo and learn all about their love story. They seriously are just best friends and it’s so obvious how well they vibe with one another. I also just can’t get over their sweet laughs and smiles!! This session felt like a breath of fresh air – it was care-free, adventurous, whimsical, laid-back, and so completely THEM!

I think I’m deeply connected to these images because I felt myself pushing my creativity with posing and shooting. I played a bit more with the light and really pushed the movement aspect wherever I can. I loved the results, and I really feel like we caught the true essence of these sweet love birds! I felt like I was in a bit of a creative rut and this session just encouraged all the creativity!

ALSOOO, crazy story – as we were walking to our location, there was an accident in the parking lot and a HUGE blowout fight because of it between the drivers! We were so in shock and couldn’t stop talking about it the rest of the shoot. It felt so surreal that we literally witnessed it happen just a few feet from us! Everyone was okay, just some banged-up cars and big personalities, but it was wild!

Their Love Story:

Christa and Billy met for the first time on the river line going to Camden for a country concert, but they officially met through a mutual friend! She went searching for him at the concert for about 2 hours, but she didn’t see him again until she asked their mutual friend for his number! They met up and ever since then, they’ve been best friends!

These adventurous lovers got engaged in the gorgeous state of Utah! Christa told me, “Our proposal was in Park City, Utah at the ice castles which is this park that is made up of ice and they light them up at night. IT’S ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.  We went there 3 years in a row and the first time we went was in the summer and we ended up in Park City by accident and loved it there. The second year we went back in the winter because we snowboard and never went out west. We had tried to make it to the ice castles but there was a crazy snow storm so we couldn’t make it which was so sad. So this February we went back with my brother and his girlfriend and finally made it to the ice castles. We were in line for this slide that was made out of complete ice and there was a cut out that said “Best place to take a forever moment” and that’s where I turned around and he was on one knee. I said yes!” What a freaking dream!! I love that Billy chose such a meaningful location to propose!

Their typical date night is usually just going out and seeing where the night takes them! Of course, they always start off with some good food! They switch it up a lot and are always up for trying something new together! They’re looking forward to a wedding day that really feels just like one big party! They want everyone to have a good time, let loose, and celebrate our love for one another!

Christa & Billy,

You two seriously make my heart feel so full. I loved capturing your love in such a free-spirited way at Tyler State Park. Thank you so much for letting loose and showing off your true selves for me. I hope you two love these images and cherish this exciting time in your love story journey! Wishing you endless happiness and excitement during the wedding planning process! Love ya bunches!! xo

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Fall Tyler State Park Engagement Session, Newtown, PA | Christa & Billy

December 24, 2020

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