Intimate Winter Elopement, Lambertville, NJ | Amanda & Tommy


Their Wedding Day: Lambertville, NJ

Amanda and Tommy went through so much to get to their big day – December 19th. Through ups and downs and many iterations of what their wedding day would be like this year, they landed on the most intimate, magical evening eloping in nature amongst quiet, calm, snow, and their furbabies, of course! Alongside one of Tommy’s closest friends who officiated their ceremony, his girlfriend, and myself there to capture it all, A & T vowed to stand through good times and bad together forever.

If this year has shown us anything, it’s that love truly can get us through anything, especially the craziness of life! Amanda and Tommy embraced their big day with all the joy and excitement ever! They celebrated with champagne, homemade cake by Amanda (chocolate and cookie dough layers!!), and a delicious vegan dinner.

What I adore so dearly about elopements is that even the little moments are big moments. From preparing the sauce for dinner in between portrait spots to wrangling the pups for a snowy photo, it all felt so big and memorable on their elopement day. It was a dream to capture their day and gift them memories they’ll cherish forever.

I went to high school with these two and it’s been so special getting to see their love story grow over the years. From their sunrise beach engagement session to elopement day, it’s been a joy to walk through this exciting time with these love birds! I can’t wait to celebrate with them again in 2021 for their big celebration with friends and family!

Their Love Story

Tommy and Amanda met in Italian class in 10th grade! He knew Amanda’s cousin, Megan first, and Amanda knew him as Megan’s friend! They reconnected while they were apart in college. They started as friends, then eventually started dating while long-distance and have been together ever since!!

Amanda told me all about how Tommy proposed! She said, “Tommy tore his Achilles at a soccer game on a Sunday night, leaving us in the ER until 2 am when I HAD to go to work the next day because the other nurse was out. I stuck with him the whole time and went in the next day. On my way home from work, Tommy kept calling me asking me where I was, I told him I was getting him some Wawa on the way home so he could have something a little special after everything that happened. I got home and didn’t see anyone.

In the back, the dogs were outside with the door propped open, but still no Tommy. When I shouted, I heard his reply from the basement, so I ran down thinking he fell down the staircase letting them out!! I ran down the steps and frantically asked if he was okay. He was on the ground crying and I immediately panicked and started crying, trying to reassure him he’s okay.

He started saying that he was so sorry, and I genuinely thought he hurt himself even worse. Then he went on to say just in the last 24 hours he saw how much I truly care about him, and that he’s sorry this isn’t how he wanted to do this, and then he whipped out the ring box and opened it! I was like WAIT WHAT! I thought they were sad tears, but they were happy ones. I thought he was on the ground cause he fell, but it’s because he was (trying to) kneel. The ring was in the basement, and yes, he couldn’t actually get back up after that, so he kept calling because he was literally waiting on the floor for me!!! I still really can’t believe it went down like that. It’s so memorable that’s for sure!” How adorable are they?!

Amanda & Tommy,

Thank you for embracing your perfect day through all you went through to get here! I’m speechless over how beautiful everything was, and I loved getting to be a part of your elopement! Sending lots of love and happiness your way as you enter into your first year as a married couple! Congratulations!! Let’s do it again in 2021, okay?! 🙂 Love ya!!

Hair Stylist | True Beauty Mark, Brittany
Florist | Gardenias, Samantha Monday
Invitation Suite | Minted
Dress Designer | Lulus
Bride’s Shoes | J Crew
Earrings | Olive + Piper
Rings | Zoland
Groom Attire | American Eagle
Groom Shoes | Banana Repubic
Groom Tie/Bowtie | Tie Bar
Cake | Sweets n Scrubs
Officiant | Jon

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