Couple hiking engagement session kissing in the woods by a waterfall

These two were total troopers for exploring the gorgeous Hacklebarney State Park in the middle of winter! It was crazy cold, but Brittney and Ryan made it look like a comfortable fall day! I absolutely loved getting to hike around these trails and see how easily Brittney lights up when Ryan kisses her all over her face and how much Ryan loves to hype his girl up!

As I was shooting the individual photos of Brittney, I heard Ryan saying behind me, “Gosh, you’re so pretty” and he told me that he tells her every day that she should be a model in a magazine. It was so adorable and genuine, I loved how open he was about showing off his love for her.

They have the sweetest laughs and adventurous spirits – they were seriously up for anything!! The waterfalls were freezing over, and they didn’t even question it when I asked if we could go walk all over the fallen trees and sit on the rocks near the icy water. Seriously, such a fun duo and I’m so so honored to have been able to photograph this session for them!!

These two met a few July’s back when Brittney went to Ryan’s parent’s place with her sister for the 4th of July because her sister was dating one of Ryan’s friends at the time. Brittney and Ryan went to the same high school, but she didn’t remember him. He always remembered her, though, and always wanted to talk to her! She was in another relationship at the time, but once July 4th rolled around, Ryan was able to take a chance and talk to her! Brittney said thank goodness she didn’t know all of this or she would have been wayyy too nervous to go to the lake!

The lake holds such a significance in their relationship, and it’s where so many beautiful life moments have happened! As we were hiking around the trails for their session, they told me all about how Ryan had proposed. It was Dock Day at the lake, where everyone docks their boats for the season.

Brittney and Ryan took a little walk over to the end of the dock and spent some alone time together; however, a person they know from the area who is always taking pictures, came over and started taking pictures of them. Brittney didn’t really think twice, because they knew this woman always had a camera in hand! Then, Ryan made it known that she was there for a reason and got down on one knee and popped the question!!

When Brittney looked back, she saw all of their friends and family overlooking the dock from afar and watching the whole thing! 🙂 This is the lake they’re going to be getting married on in July, and I am SO excited to celebrate with them and continue to document this beautiful love story!!

Brittney and Ryan, thank you both so much for braving the chilly weather for these adorable photos – I might be biased, but I think they were well worth it ;)! You two are so sweet and funny, and I love your adventurous spirits. Your wedding day is going to absolutely stunning and the best day ever. I can’t wait to see you two in just a few months!!! <3 Love you! Xoxo

couple piggy back ride in the woods
couple holding hands leading over rocks near waterfall
couple kissing from afar in the woods
black and white image of couple laughing
couple keeping each other warm in the winter during woodsy engagement session
black and white image of couple intimately resting foreheads together
girl giving man kisses on cheek in the woods
adventurous couple adventuring through woods
engagement session ring on fall leaf
engagement ring
engagement ring close up on hand
man giving girl kisses on cheek
black and white image of engagement ring
couple in state park kissing
couple leading walking through the woods
engagement ring on fall leaf
girl lying on bench and resting head on guy's lap
couple picking each other up and laughing in the woods
couple kissing by a waterfall in hacklebarney state park in new jersey

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Hacklebarney State Park Engagement Session, NJ | Brittney & Ryan

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    Such a beautiful couple. Wishing you many more wonderful years together!!

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