Vegan Wedding Planning Series: How to Tell Guests You’re Having a Vegan Wedding

If you’re a couple planning a vegan wedding, you’re in the right place! Your individuality deserves to be celebrated, and it’s so special to plan a wedding that aligns with your values. Your celebration is going to be a beautiful tribute to compassion, sustainability, and love for all living beings. In this post, we’ll dive into how to tell guests you’re having a vegan wedding!

My husband and I planned our vegan wedding in the summer of 2022, and it was the most magical experience, but it naturally came with its own set of challenges!

Much like any other wedding choice, the decision to have a vegan celebration is entirely personal. You can 100% choose to keep it a surprise for your guests, just as a non-vegan wedding doesn’t announce its menu in advance. If it gives you peace of mind, that’s what we did! No prior notice to our guests, but we figured if anyone knew us well enough, they’d know it was going to be a vegan event.

However, communicating your values and decisions ahead of time can not only alleviate some headaches but also enhance the experience for both you and your guests. So, if you’re considering how to inform your guests about your vegan wedding, here are a few creative ways to share the news: 

1. Utilize Your Wedding Website

Wedding websites have become extremely popular for conveying important information and all the major and minor details about your day to your guests. It’s the perfect platform for listing the venue, dress code, travel details, and announcing your choice of a vegan wedding. Craft a warm and inviting message that explains your decision and emphasizes the delicious and animal-free feast.

2. Include a Separate Card in Your Invites

Consider adding a separate card insert to your wedding invitations. This allows you to maintain the formality of the invitation while dedicating a special section to convey the importance of your choice for a vegan menu. Keep the message concise, appreciative, and focused on the joy of celebrating love in a way that aligns with your values. This is also a great place to add resources to learn more about veganism, places to donate, or ways to get started on a plant-based journey!

3. Incorporate Signage at the Reception 

Signage is already used to navigate your wedding day, so making sure there are signs to represent your vegan wedding is an excellent way to notify your guests. A small, beautifully designed card expressing your gratitude for their presence and briefly explaining the vegan menu adds a personal touch. This way, your guests discover the choice organically as they take their seats. This can be individual on their plates or a note per table to pass around!

To help you articulate your message, here’s an example:

“We are excited beyond words to celebrate our love with all of you on our special day! Aligned with our commitment to compassion and sustainability, we’ve decided to host a vegan wedding. We kindly ask for your support and respect as we incorporate our beliefs into our day. The food will be delicious and animal-free, and we promise it will be an unforgettable experience. Your presence means the world to us, and we are so grateful for your understanding and willingness to embrace our choice. If you have any questions about the fun and unique ways we’ve incorporated our values into the day, please ask! We’d love to share about it. Thank you for being a part of our wedding day!”

Telling your guests about your vegan wedding shouldn’t be stressful or complicated!

Choosing one of these ways to notify your friends and family is more than sufficient and you can remain at ease knowing that no one will be unpleasantly surprised. Remember, it’s your day and other people’s opinions don’t matter! 

PS – If you hear of any snide remarks or unsettling discussions about your choices, try to ignore them or kindly remind them that this is YOUR day, not theirs. They can choose to celebrate with you or not be there at all. If what’s on their plate is more important than celebrating your love, they can opt out of being there at all. Don’t let the few who have harsh opinions keep you from hosting an event in the way that you truly want to!

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How to Tell Guests You’re Having a Vegan Wedding

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