Their Proposal: Amazing Escape Room, Edison, NJ

Immediately cue the tears because this Amazing Escape Room proposal is EXTRA special to me! Boaz is my first cousin, and when he reached out about proposing to Nina, I was beyond excited and honored! We ran through a few variations of ideas for a winter proposal before he landed on such a unique idea – an escape room!

My photographer brain went into high gear thinking of the logistics and timing while Boaz got to work on planning the whole weekend, securing the ring, and getting her to not suspect anything! When the day came, Boaz and Nina went out for brunch as I hid out in the control room. My heart was RACING when I saw them walk in on the cameras because it was nearly go time!! Being able to see them on the camera was so helpful so I didn’t miss my cue for when to head into the room!

Our two cues were that he was going to propose about 15-minutes into their time, and he hid the box under the couch, so when he knelt down to “check under the couch,” I knew it was time to head in! I was so nervous to come in a second TOO early and ruin the surprise, so I knew it was go-time when I heard Nina scream!

I snuck right in and started taking a million pictures of her INCREDIBLE reaction. The most shocked face EVER, which made for the cutest freaking pictures. It took about halfway through their escape room time to process what was going on, ask alllll the questions, and ultimately realize they were not going to be beating the room this time around, haha!

Instead, they took the L on the room and an absolute W in life!! We headed out into the parking lot for a few quick “just engaged” photos before they started their fully planned weekend celebrating in Philadelphia! Boaz booked a reservation at one of the cutest restaurants in the city and a hotel for the weekend. Nina said the second they got into the car, she burst into tears! They FaceTimed everyone to share the news and celebrate the start of forever! <3

Their Love Story

Boaz, who is originally from Nashville, and Nina, from Miami, both went to college at Indiana University! Nina said, “I vividly remember our first “floor meeting” in the lounge of our dorm. We all went around the room and introduced ourselves and I remember this cute guy with very unfortunate frosted tips at the time standing up and saying “Hi, I’m Boaz.” I thought to myself, “What a cool name, what a terrible hair style.” 🤣 Their friendship grew while at school and they soon realized there was a much deeper connection there!

Both coming from families who always bonded over good meals, Boaz and Nina love the special connection food brings. They love to try out new restaurants and pretend that they’re food critics, which gives them time to connect and appreciate one another!

Nina shared, “Boaz is the most caring, hilarious, and charismatic person I’ve ever met. I know it sounds silly, but he truly does light up every room he walks into.” Seeing Boaz grow into the person he is today, I know she’s 100% right.

“One of my favorite things about Boaz is the way that he cares for those he loves and how special he makes everyone in his life feel. He really is one of a kind and I feel so insanely lucky to get to spend the rest of my life loving him.” How cute are they?!

Their Proposal & Wedding Dreams!

Nina completely blacked out while the proposal was happening! She was expecting it to happen soon, but she had NO idea that it would happen in that moment! The shock on her face was all too real!

It melted my heart when she said, “Having Tori (MY NEW COUSIN) there to capture the most special day of my life so far was incredible.”

They truly realized just how much they were loved by everyone in their lives when they shared the news with family and friends. “I knew they loved us but WOW! “I’ve never felt so much love coming from all different directions. It truly was something special and I’ll remember it forever.”

As a little girl who grew up watching “Say Yes to the Dress,” Nina has always dreamt of her big day! They’re keeping their wedding focused on traditional and timeless touches that represent both of their styles!

She can’t wait to walk down the aisle to Boaz for that magical moment and soak in every minute of their day! They want to remember just how special it is to have all of the people that they love in one room knowing that it’s the only time that will really ever happen in life!

Boaz & Nina,

This was literally a DREAM to be a part of! Thank you x a million. I can’t even express how special it is to be a part of this milestone in your lives. Your story is so special and your love truly shows in everything you do. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Nina into our family – you’ve always felt like a part of it! Love you both so much and can’t wait to continue to celebrate your love! xo Congratulations!!!

Check out my Instagram Reel that shows the behind-the-scenes of the moment! 🙂 Too cute!!

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Amazing Escape Room Proposal, NJ | Boaz & Nina

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