Their Session: Old City, Philadelphia, PA

Wellllll, this winter Old City proposal session was one for the books! When Joel reached out to have me photograph their proposal, I was OVER the moon!!! Kerry is one of my closest friends and fellow photographers, so capturing them getting engaged was a dream. It also took some major planning, because this girl does this kind of thing for a living! We had to throw her off..

Joel said they prefer experiences as gifts instead of something tangible, so he planned to gift her a shoot with me for the holidays! He wanted her to feel like she planned the whole thing, so she wasn’t suspicious about anything – we picked the Merchant Exchange Building (adore this spot!!), a bar they love, and their rooftop at home. Kerry and I coordinated locations, outfits, dates, and every last detail. Knowing how special the rooftop of their home is at sunset to them, I gently nudged that we end the session up on the roof! Thankfully, she went for it!

At first, she thought there may be a proposal coming, but spot after spot.. no question, no ring! She slowly started to think it must not be happening that day. Until… she went to the bathroom when we got home while Joel and I went up to the rooftop. Their close florist friend came in while we were out shooting and set up tons of white roses, candles and champagne! The moment Kerry walked out to see Joel waiting in front of that set up, she knew it was finally their moment! <3

They soaked in their greatest adventure yet with their favorite song, a bit of dancing, champagne, and a beautiful sunset. They celebrated with their family who came to visit at the bar they first met at!

Their Love Story

These two love birds met at a bar in Philadelphia a few years ago. They were both out with some friends, the music was so good – late 90s/early 2000s jams (this bar knew their clientele)! When Shania Twain’s “Man, I feel like a woman,” came on, Joel and Kerry caught each other’s eyes and sang the title line across the dance floor to one another! From there, he bought her a drink and they talked for the rest of the night. They’ve truly been talking ever since that night! They found themselves living together through the pandemic and realizing this was definitely it for one another. The perfect match, the one they had been waiting for. When I tell you these two are meant to be, it’s like they’ve known each other in a million lifetimes. They’re so in sync and so perfectly right for each other – it’s been so special seeing their love grow over the years!

Kerry & Joel

You two know how much I adore you, and getting to capture your love on such a memorable and special day will forever be the greatest honor! I’m so grateful for our friendship, your support, and the exciting adventures to come! So obsessed with your perfect winter Old City proposal! Love you both to pieces! xo

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Winter Old City Proposal, Philadelphia | Kerry & Joel

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