Their Engagement Session: Amsterdam Ale House & Riverside Park, Manhattan, NYC

Anna and Will’s Manhattan engagement session hitting some of their favorite places was an experience I’ll never forget! These two are the kindest souls, and I loved that they shared some of their most meaningful spots with me as I got to know them even better!

We started at Amsterdam Ale House, where they ordered their favorite meal – nachos! They get this giant, messy dish to share for all their special milestones, so it was an obvious choice to celebrate their engagement! We connected over drinks and nachos while chatting about their wedding planning, their countless passions and interests, and what they love about the area they live in!

We headed to their apartment next, where I was in awe of all the plants they manage to keep alive! Will grabbed his guitar and sang Anna a song – one that they’re considering as their first dance song! It was such a moving and intimate moment, I was so glad I could capture it in their cozy apartment!

Last on the Manhattan engagement session adventure, we explored Riverside Park where the flowers were blooming and dusk fell upon us! It was such fun, creative light for me to play with from pathway lamp light to the last little bits of the sunset. Anna and Will are literally the cutest, cuddliest, giggliest couple and it made photographing them all evening so inspiring!

This whole experience has been extra special because Anna and Will are getting married at the same venue we got married at! It’s so fun getting to hear about all the exciting plans and the vision they have for their day!

Their Love Story

Will and Anna met shortly before the pandemic and moved in with her parents six months into their relationship! She says, “Fortunately, that went well, which was a good sign 😊. We’ve been back on our own now for a few years, and we are excited to get married and keep building our lives together. We each picked out our own engagement rings and planned proposals for the other, and now that we’re fully engaged, we’re excited to be planning our wedding!”

When I asked these two what they love most about one another, they had the sweetest responses! Anna said, “I love what a kind, gentle soul Will has. I’ve never heard him say a mean thing about another person, and I swear his hugs give twice as much love as other people’s. I also am so amazed by his curiosity and desire to learn new things — I spend our alone nights binge-watching bad TV, and he spends them reading math books and watching philosophy lectures!”

Will said, “Let me quote a few things from the list I keep (of things I love about Anna). Cares about all living creatures, especially the ones who need it most; Has passionate political beliefs; Turns us both back into children sometimes; Likes to really think things through; Loves music and picks up on things I never would (lyrical themes, rhythmic patterns, and harmonies!). Seriously, she spends her job and most of her mental energy helping others, even though it makes her deal with some really difficult stuff <3”

They love imagining what their futures will hold, picturing their lives in their 80s – ideally, sitting on a porch swing while reading and drinking coffee!

They keep busy with their love of travel, breweries, and trying new restaurants. They also love “listening to music (in the car or just sitting on the couch), playing guitar, singing (both individually and in harmony together), watching a great show or movie (and then talking about it), doing crosswords/puzzles, hiking, boogie-ing in our NYC-sized living room, reading to each other, and teaching each other things! Will’s taught Anna calculus, relativity, and Mandarin; Anna’s taught Will Spanish and some social work concepts, and we’ve also learned some ASL together. Also, trying out new hot sauces :-)” How cute are they?! I love how interested they are in SO many different topics and hobbies!

Anna & Will,

You two are the absolute sweetest, and I knew we’d click from that first email you sent! I’m SO glad we got this time to hang out and get to know each other better. Your Manhattan engagement session was absolutely beautiful and full of so much love and laughter. I know your wedding day is going to be such a dream! Can’t wait to celebrate at the beautiful Pioneer Farm this fall! xo Congratulations!!!

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Manhattan Engagement Session, NYC | Anna & Will

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