Princeton University Engagement Session, NJ | Anabell & Marvin

Couples in Love

Their Session: Princeton University, NJ

Ahhh, Anabell and Marvin were SO much fun in front of my camera! I just about passed out when I saw their sweet furbaby, Dallas! Anabell had told me they have a French Bulldog (my obsession!!!), but I wasn’t 100% sure if they were going to bring him along. When we showed up and I saw his little mushy face, I just nearly melted!! Anabell and Marvin are such wonderful dog parents and it was so clear that Dallas is FULLY obsessed with them like I am!! These two crushed their session from the cutest laughs to some steamier moments – I just love all the variety we captured in Princeton!

It was super special getting to stop at the bar where they first met! We took some pictures in front of Triumph before exploring the rest of the campus! Princeton University is already so beautiful, but adding in some fall leaves and these two cuties – whew, it was almost too much to handle!!

Their Love Story

Anabell and Marvin met through a mutual friend that she worked with. She said, “It was pretty funny because the guy that introduced us was having a party and wanted both of us to come, I said I would only go if Marvin was going. But Marvin couldn’t make it because he was working that weekend. After the failed attempt of meeting, my coworker said that I should just allow him to give Marvin my number and just see how it goes.” She was a little hesitant at first because it was all so new to her, but she’s so glad she let him give Marvin her number! They spoke for about two weeks before they went on their first date where they met in person for the first time. They went to Triumph in Princeton, and they’ve been together ever since!

Marvin incorporated their sweet pup into the proposal! Here’s how it all went down: “The proposal was a complete surprise to myself and to both of our families. Both our parents found out the day of!! Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, I went to get my hair done that morning, I spoke with my sister and his sister like I normally do. Later on in the day, my sister called me to go to my parents for a bit (they wanted me out of the house lol). When I came back, as soon as I opened the door, I saw Marvin on one knee and Dallas (our pup) with the sign that said “will you marry my dad?”  At first, I didn’t know how to react. I was laughing at first and then the tears came in and I was sobbing. I was so surprised!! He did such a good job with the whole thing and everyone helped pull it off. I loved the fact that it was so personal and intimate just how I pictured it.” How perfect is that?! I love that Marvin knew Anabell would want a private, intimate moment for the two of them, and of course, Dallas!

Marvin adores how loving and caring Anabell is, and Anabell loves how determined and goal-oriented he is. She says that Marvin is always soooo calm, and she really appreciates that about him! These two love going to this little nice Italian restaurant for date nights and having a glass (or a few!) of wine together!

Anabell & Marvin,

You two are such a blast to hang out with! Thank you so much for sharing your love story with me and allowing me to capture such an exciting time in your journey! I’m beyond excited for you two to be engaged and to get to plan your big day together! Also, thank you for letting me obsess over your French Bulldog, Dallas!!! Wishing you all the happiness! Love you both! xo

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