Round Valley Reservoir Engagement Session, Clinton, NJ | Alyssa & Bobby

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Their Session: Round Valley Reservoir, Clinton, NJ

I was, of course, over the moon excited to finally get these two in front of my camera, but I was EXTRA excited that their furbaby, Nash, came along, too! Alyssa and Bobby are such a laid back and fun duo to hang out with, and I loved getting to know them even better! Due to the pandemic, I’ve been meeting my couples over video chat instead of coffee dates, which has been a bit of a change for me! We had such a great chat, but it’s so much more fun to finally meet in person!

I love that these two chose a location they love visiting. They knew all the fun spots, and honestly, we could have roamed the area forever and kept shooting if we didn’t have to chase the sun! I was so in awe of this gorgeous spot just about 25 minutes from where I currently live! Round Valley Reservoir had everything from a rocky terrain overlooking the water to gorgeous greenery, tall grassy fields, and a gorgeous sunset! It was the perfect backdrop to showcase these two and their love story! Alyssa and Bobby are adventurous, outdoorsy, and super laid back – this session felt like I got to tag along for a casual date night, which made it feel so genuine and truly like them!

Pro Tip: These two took my advice of bringing someone along to watch their pup while we took photos of just the two of them! Although we love allllll the furbaby pictures, there are definitely times where they can get antsy and need to let out some energy. It’s always super helpful to have a friend or family member join us to watch the doggo when they need a break! So thankful Alyssa’s sister came along to help us out!

Their Love Story

Alyssa and Bobby actually grew up in the same town and went to the same high school, but never really connected growing up! They had a lot of the same friends, which has become such a plus for them now! They ended up reconnecting after their freshman year of college. Through one of their mutual friends, Bobby ended up coming to Alyssa’s house for a get together that she had planned at the start of the summer and that is where they started talking. Soon after, he ended up inviting her to a party he was having, which is where they really hit it off! They started texting (over flip phones!) and seeing each other more frequently over the summer of 2010. As they both went back to school, they always remained a part of each other’s lives but not always dating. Alyssa said, “I am grateful for our time together and apart during those years because it allowed us to do the growing we needed as individuals to fully come back to each other after graduation.” Years later and a few apartments later, they finally moved in together! Growing up together over the years has allowed them to experience so many ups & downs of life together and they cherish their relationship because of that. They know they are so lucky to have found their person so early on in life!

Alyssa says, “We are similar in a lot of ways but different enough that we challenge each other out of our comfort zones to become better… We love brunch & BBQs (any good reason to day-drink outside), spending time with friends & family, country music & concerts, watching Below Deck, HGTV or Food Network, traveling & exploring, and most importantly catering to each and every need of our 2-year-old dog, Nash. We just love celebrating life as best friends & making the most out of every day together.” Ahhh, major chills over here!

Here’s how Bobby proposed to Alyssa! “He proposed in St. John on July 10th! He had actually been planning to propose back in April when our trip was originally scheduled for but had to postpone due to COVID. His uncle has a condo in St. Thomas so that is one of our favorite places to visit. We have gone multiple times over the past few years. We love exploring all of St. Thomas & St. John and usually like to visit the BVI as well. Our absolute favorite place in the world currently (there is a lot left for us to see) is Jost Van Dyke – specifically Soggy Dollar Bar. On our proposal day he chartered a boat for us and the plan was to go swimming with turtles (something we have always wanted to do but can never find them when we are in the USVI), snorkeling & then go to Jost Van Dyke for him to propose. He had to change up his plan a little as the BVI borders were still closed. We ended up visiting a secluded beach – Hansen Bay in St. John where he proposed. As soon as he turned to grab my hand and I realized what was happening I started crying. He had flown out his best friend & his wife to come on the trip with us so they could be our photographer/videographer and capture the moment for us. We spent the rest of our charter hanging out in Hansen Bay and soaking it all in. My sister also helped coordinate a surprise for us and when we got back on the boat to pop champagne we had a special video waiting for us from all our friends & family back home congratulating us so it felt like they were all there with us during the special time.” How amazing is that!!

Alyssa and Bobby,

Your connection with one another is so clear even to someone who just met you two! It was an honor to get you THREE in front of my camera and to capture this exciting time in your journey. I loved exploring Round Valley Reservoir with you. I’m beyond excited to celebrate with you on your big day next year at Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm! It’s going to be such a perfect day, and many years in the making! <3 Congratulations, love birds!! xo

Excited to see what their big day at Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm might be like?! Come check out another wedding I photographed at their venue here!

  1. Daddy says:

    As father of the bride I could be happier for both Alyssa and Bob. I still gush with pride at my daughter’s beauty, intelligence, happiness and health. These pictures are fantastic and capture their love, respect and happiness. And yes, Nash’s love for the camera. And of course my other daughter Becca, who loves them both and would do anything for them, was essential in helping get these amazing pictures done. 👍. Well done and a fantastic job on telling their story thus far. Love you both and yes my grand dog too! XOXO

  2. Robin Dhawan says:

    In love with these pictures of my daughter and the loves of her life!!

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