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Couples in Love

Princeton University Picnic Proposal, NJ | Danielle & Corey

Their Proposal: Princeton University, NJ

This blog post is a super special one! My closest group of 10 girlfriends has been together since around middle school, and now one of our girls is ENGAGED!!! Corey pulled me aside at a backyard party a few months ago to tell me he was planning to propose to Danielle this summer, and he wanted me to be there to capture it all! I was BEYOND excited, but nervous to say the least! It was such a huge honor getting to be the one to capture one of my best friend’s proposals, but the pressure was on! Trying to coordinate the logistics and not get seen was the super stressful part, but thankfully, it all worked out SO freaking well.

I was hidden away in a little underpass that had openings for me to peek my camera out of – it was some serious ninja action. A few people walking around Princeton University‘s campus thought I was a total creep spying on these two people having a picnic, but little did they know that Corey was about to propose! I was texting our group chat with the girls the play-by-play to keep them in the know, and it was truly one of the most suspenseful and exciting few hours for us all. The moment I saw Danielle start to cry, I immediately burst into tears, which is really challenging when you’re carrying a massive lens and trying not to shake LOL. It all worked out beautifully, and it was such a perfect surprise! And of course, she said YES!

They had a surprise engagement party planned afterward, and then the following day, our girlfriends were able to surprise Danielle AGAIN with another little engagement party. It was such a fun weekend filled with so much love for these two!

Their Love Story

Danielle and Corey met through a mutual family friend, Diane! Corey was telling Diane how hard it was to meet a nice girl, and thankfully, Diane immediately thought of Danielle! She started talking her up to him. Later that week, Corey DM’d Danielle and asked her out on their first date. Danielle said she normally wouldn’t answer a DM for a date, but she thought he was cute and I figured it couldn’t hurt. 🙂 Seemed to work out for the best, I’d say!

Although we were all there for the proposal, I had to hear about it from Danielle’s perspective! She said, “For me, the proposal is a little blurry because I think I blacked out from being so overwhelmed with happiness and emotion, but we went to Princeton University and had a picnic on campus. We ate some cheese and sipped on some champagne, and what we always said would be our wedding song, “Live Forever“ by Kane Brown started playing on his speaker. He asked me to dance, then after a few seconds, that’s when he got down on his knee and popped the question. It was the best day ever.” Corey told me that he was going to play their song, which would be my cue to know the proposal was coming, but I ended up being way too far away to hear it! Thankfully, I had a good view so I could see it all instead of just waiting to hear the song! Their slow dance was so sweet and there was SO much emotion the moment Corey dropped to one knee!

These two are super excited for their big day in 2022! They were so fortunate to find an amazing venue so quickly, and they’re dreaming of a perfect mix of rustic, elegant and modern without being over the top. Danielle said, “I envision our special day being filled with white floral embellishments everywhere with accents of gold, silver, and wood. Most importantly though, I can’t wait to be surrounded by all the people we love most in the world and just have a giant party. Our friends and family definitely know how to have a good time.” YAAAS! Can’t freaking wait for their big day!

When I asked these two what their favorite quality of each other is, they both had to sweetest answers!

Corey said, “Danielle is extremely loving. I love that she is herself around me and I am myself around her. We accept and love each other for who we both are. We make each other laugh consistently and rarely have negative moments together. She’s very loyal to me and always has my back in any situation. I love that she is loved by all my friends she has accepted the people in my life like they were in hers forever. She can cook LOL (I can’t). Obviously, she is extremely gorgeous on the outside but what she has on the inside makes her the incredible FIANCÉ she is!” Ahhhh, such a sweetheart!

Danielle said, “Corey simply just has the best personality, it’s magnetic. He has this positive energy about him that just makes you feel so accepted and at ease instantly. He is also a great friend. We try to always put our friendship first so it makes loving each other so easy. I also love how he treats his Mama. My mom always told me the way a man treats his mom is very telling of how he will treat you and since I met Corey I can confidently say that is so true. Every day he wakes up and makes sure I know how loved I am by him. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s not too hard on the eyes either.” I freaking love these two so much!!

Danielle & Corey,

I can’t even put into words how honored and humbled I am to have been a part of this exciting piece of your love story! I adore you two, and I’m so beyond happy that you’re finally ENGAGED! Wishing you two a crazy fun journey as fiancés and a lifetime of love, wine & cheese, and the best friendship you could ask for! Love you both so much, and can’t wait to celebrate with you in 2022!

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Princeton University Picnic Proposal, NJ | Danielle & Corey

September 25, 2020

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