Their Engagement Session: Sandy Hook, NJ

Ooooh, get ready for all of this golden summer goodness at Beck and Andrew’s Sandy Hook sunset engagement session! It was SUCH a dream getting to capture these two during such an exciting time in their lives! I loved getting to see how romantic, sweet, silly, and fun they are together.

This session was extra special because we headed back to Proving Ground, the restaurant where they got engaged! This outdoor beach bar was busy and lively, and it was so fun getting to hear everyone congratulate these two as they walked by!

Their Love Story

Beck and Andrew met at the gym one night when Beck went to a late night class. She recently joined that gym by chance, because a friend wanted a gym partner and the trial sucked Beck in! Andrew parked next to her, and Beck was taking pictures and videos of his car! She is a major car girl, so she placed a business card for her car team on his door! When he came outside, she rolled down the window and told him she liked his trunk and that she gave him a business card!

He smiled and later added her on Instagram, and joined her team! She wasn’t planning to date at the time, but everything fell into place and they started seeing each other every day! They still go to the gym together and are still a part of the car team. She said, “We have the same car and support each other’s car goals.” It’s so sweet to hear about their common interests and how it’s made them bond so much over the years!

Beck said, “As far as the proposal goes: I am a girl who knows what she wants. I told him from the start I want to be engaged by the age of 27, married after I finish school, I want to be married before getting a place, and I want my kid before 30. Very very direct, but sometimes you have to be. The time came up to my 27th birthday and I didn’t think he would ask me and I kept sending ring ideas. I didn’t want anything too expensive, just pretty. It was after my 27th birthday and he had a few failed attempts because the timing wasn’t right (I’m in nursing school so there is never enough time). Finally, August 19th, he asked me at a fancy dinner after taking me to the zoo. We went to Proving Grounds in Highlands and he asked me on the pier as I was looking at the bunker jumping in the ocean. The sweetest part was that two random swans appeared after the proposal. We liked to believe it was our dads’ giving us their blessing.”

Beck & Andrew,

You two are such a blast, and I just adore these photos of your Sandy Hook summer engagement session so much! I hope you always look back on them with so much happiness and love. It was so special getting to capture this milestone for you! Thank you for choosing me and being so sweet and supportive! Congratulations!! xo

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Sandy Hook Sunset Engagement Session, NJ | Beck & Andrew

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