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I'm Tori, a portrait and wedding photographer based in central New Jersey. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet; I'm so happy you're here. Come check out the full galleries from recent weddings and portrait sessions, behind the scenes, personal posts, helpful tips and more. Please feel free to take a look, and let me know if there is anything special you'd love to see in a future post. I hope to hear from you soon!


Couples in Love

Hartshorne Woods Park & Sandy Hook Engagement Session, NJ | Justyna & Greg

Their Session: Hartshorne Woods Park & Sandy Hook, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Justyna and Greg were so much fun to photograph, and I’m so glad they brought along their sweet furbaby, Brodie! Although they had an exhausting week where nothing seemed to be going right, our session and the magic we created seemed to be the bit of fun and excitement they needed! We got lucky with such a quiet evening at Hartshorne Woods Park and Sandy Hook – there were so few people around, so the could really get wild and let loose! Brodie joined us for the first half of the session, and he loooved being cuddled and loved on by his mom and dad! I had such a great evening getting to know these two better, hearing more about their wedding day plans, and just capturing them and their love during this exciting time!

Their Love Story

Justyna told me how these two met and reconnected, and it’s such a sweet story! She said, “Greg and I met in elementary school! We were good friends but then he moved down the shore with his family after 5th grade. I didn’t talk to him for 15 years after that happened! But we were friends on social media (randomly) and I posted a picture of my friends in Manasquan. He DM’ed me (yes, slid in my DMs..) and asked if I have a summer house down the shore. I didn’t, but I was down there a lot so we picked a date to meet. I was not looking for a boyfriend but just was really excited to see someone from 5th grade! We had a great time that night and talked a little after but stopped. Thennnn a month later I walked into a bar on a completely random day and completely random time and he was the first person I saw. We were inseparable ever since!” How crazy that these two reconnected so many years later and totally hit it off?!

They planned a mini-vacation to Wildwood, NJ! Justyna is currently working from home due to COVID and Greg is a fireman and not allowed to travel. They decided to take Brodie and just change the scenery for a few days. On the first day, they had a really relaxing day and then Greg suggested they go for a walk with the dog before bed. They walked toward the beach, and she started yelling at him because dogs aren’t allowed on the beach! He pulled her onto the beach and she noticed a rose petal path that led to a little picnic blanket. He proposed to her there and then all of their friends surprised them (they were hiding around the beach)! The next day, Greg surprised Justyna again with more family and friends! They had such an amazing weekend celebrating!!

Greg loves how Justyna is always so adventurous, and Justyna loves how supportive Greg is of everything she wants to do. These two support and balance one another so well!

Justyna & Greg,

Thank you so much for unwinding from a long week with me! I had such a great time getting to explore these beautiful spots and letting you two take a night off from the craziness! I can’t wait to celebrate your big day with you two in 2021! Congratulations on your engagement, love birds!!! Love ya so much! xo

Loving this location?! I shoot here all the time! Here is another session from Hartshorne Woods Park and Sandy Hook!

Hartshorne Woods Park & Sandy Hook Engagement Session, NJ | Justyna & Greg

October 7, 2020

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