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I'm Tori, a portrait and wedding photographer based in central New Jersey. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet; I'm so happy you're here. Come check out the full galleries from recent weddings and portrait sessions, behind the scenes, personal posts, helpful tips and more. Please feel free to take a look, and let me know if there is anything special you'd love to see in a future post. I hope to hear from you soon!


Couples in Love

South Mountain Reservation Waterfall Engagement Session, NJ | Cam & Chris

couple kissing in waterfall

Their Session: Liberty State Park, Jersey City & South Mountain Reservation, West Orange, NJ

Meeting these two for the first time felt like meeting old friends. Maybe it’s the fact that these two are a wedding videography & photography team themselves, so we connected on being in the same industry right away, or maybe it’s just that they have the most relaxed, carefree, chill vibe about them that helped us connect right away! Cam and Chris wanted a little of everything for their session, and I’m so glad we could make it happen from capturing the cityscape at Liberty State Park in Jersey City to hiking and swimming in a waterfall at South Mountain Reservation.

What I loved most is that they knew they wanted it all and did whatever they could to make it happen. We added extra time to their session to accommodate the extra drive time, but this allowed them to have photographs that represented their love for the city AND nature! A big tip for couples when it comes to planning your engagement session – you will probably only do this once, so go all out! Don’t choose a location you’re not wildly obsessed with, don’t choose a park nearby just because you’ve seen everyone else do it.. do something you love that feels like YOU two so that the images reflect your personalities!! I love that Cam and Chris did just that!!

Their Love Story

These two cuties met on Tinder! They’re both very private and introverted people, so they just instantly clicked on so many things. Cam just knew he was the one for her and she was so nervous that he didn’t like her back! They were friends for awhile, and she says that they didn’t kiss or even hold hands but they saw each other almost every single day! They grew super close over that time and one day, he asked asked her to be his girlfriend! He professed his love for her and everything just fell into place after that! They’ve been practically inseparable and they balance one another so beautifully. Cam is the super logistical and planner-type, while Chris is super calm and emotional! My fave thing Cam mentioned is that everyone calls Chris ‘Honey’ now because Cam rarely ever uses his real name!!

The Proposal

Here’s how Chris proposed!! “We have a special overlook place where we went on our first date (Washington Rock State Park) and we try to go like once a month to have a date there! So one morning we planned to go and Chris brought donuts, coffee, and tea for me and we headed up to our place! We sat for awhile and just talked like usual but this time we decided to use the overlook viewfinder, after all our times we never decided to look in them (we just love absorbing the environment completely and I have glasses so they are a recipe for disaster!) So we looked in them and I got so excited and went to turn around and there’s he was all cute and smiley with the ring! I’ve been so excited in my life ( hence why I cracked under pressure and said “oh my goodness no you didn’t have to, honey no…oh my goodness I mean yes…yes…definitely yes!!” and almost scared him lol)  and I just jumped on to him and gave a million kisses and that became our story! :)” How sweet!!!

Cam and Chris,

I am so honored for your trust in me to capture your love story! It’s such a special compliment to be able to photograph other creatives in the industry, and I’m so so glad you chose me to be your photographer!! Congratulations love bugs, I can’t wait for your big day!!!! It’s going to be such a blast! <3

couple in love liberty state park with cityscape in background
couple with nyc skyline in background
couple in love at liberty state park
engaged couple kissing in front of nyc skyline
jersey city liberty state park couple in love engagement session
liberty state park memorial
couple kissing on mountain top
couple in love at south mountain reservation
couple on mountain top hiking
fiances kissing during engagement session out in nature
couple in waterafall at south mountain reservation
couple kissing in waterfall
couple kissing in waterfall
couple kissing in waterfall
couple kissing and playing in waterfall
couple kissing and playing in waterfall

South Mountain Reservation Waterfall Engagement Session, NJ | Cam & Chris

August 20, 2019

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