Their Session: Backyard on the Bay in Brick, NJ

I had so much fun hanging out with Lorena and Brian while they cozied up with their little Bila and ran around on the docks overlooking the bay! We had such crazy weather – it went from drizzling to overcast with the sun peeking through to a gorgeous sunset, and these two were totally up for working with whatever we got! We started inside with Bila, who LOVED the camera, was so calm, and just wanted to be held by her parents! As the drizzle passed, we headed out to the backyard to hang out on the water! Lorena and Brian have been staying at their family beach house through this whole pandemic quarantine – not a bad option, I’d say! 🙂 We were chatting about how peaceful it is to sit out in their backyard and watch the sunset on the bay with some wine in hand!
They were so playful and totally up for anything, which made this session such a blast. Lorena and Brian recently had to make the hard decision to postpone their wedding to 2021, so refocusing and celebrating the exciting time of being engaged with them was a great way to bring some positivity and light back into a tough time! They were so positive about everything, and I’m so excited to be a part of their micro-wedding this year and their big day next year!

Their Love Story

They met at a house party where their friends introduced them knowing that they would totally hit it off! Brian took 3 days to text Lorena, and she was so anxious waiting to hear from him! Their friends told her that he was trying to “play it cool” so that made it easier to wait! The next week, they were on a date in NYC at Casa Mona and a comedy show. They’ve been inseparable ever since! They love going to a good comedy show every now and then to remember their first date!
These two looove their dog, Bila the Shiba Inu, and a lot of what they enjoy doing is centered around activities that she can be involved in. “We love taking her for walks, going to the beach, going on road trips to different parts of the country, etc. We love trying new activities!  That being said, we are an active couple but also LOVE our downtime at home.   We love watching movies, spending time with our families, cooking at home.” Bila is such an easy-going pup that I’m sure she loves everything from family road trips to cuddling at home!

Lorena & Brian,

I am SO excited to celebrate your marriage this September and then party with you two next September at Bonnet Island! I can’t wait to see those crazy dance moves! Thank you both so much for being so laid-back and embracing the crazy weather for your session. You two are amazing and so much fun to hang out with! Congratulations on your engagement! Now, let’s get you two married!! xo

Summer Sunset on the Bay Engagement Session, NJ | Lorena & Brian

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