Their Session: Willowwood Arboretum, NJ

Get ready for this dreamy late summer Willowwood Arboretum engagement session! All of the gorgeous colors of the summer came out to play for Riya and Akshay’s garden session! It was a long time coming to make this session happen – so many reschedules from the weather! Thankfully, we got a perfect day to show off their love! I had such a blast getting to know these two while exploring the area. They are so sweet and beyond adorable together! From all the giggles to the more intimate moments, their images make my heart melt! I can’t wait for you to scroll through all this garden engagement session goodness!

Their Love Story

Akshay and Riya met in college! She said, “We both used to write for the college newspaper, and one time he came into the office to make announcements and I had never seen him before (I was a freshman when I met him and he’s four years older so he had already been studying there for a while). I remember seeing him and thinking “oh he’s really cute” and then he left and then later stopped writing for the newspaper so we never met again. That was until a couple of years later when I met him at a party and I recognized him but he had no clue who I was.

We spoke for a bit and I was in a relationship at the time so that’s where that ended. Several months go by and I guess he learned that I was single again so he slid into my DMs haha and we talked basically every day for hours until he finally took me on a date.

After the first date, it was a whirlwind type of romance. We decided to make it official after two weeks of “dating” and then two months later I told him I loved him and vice versa. And now we’ve been together for almost three years and plan on getting engaged next year.”

Since they shared that story with me, they got engaged!! 🙂

Riya LOVES stationary and has a huge collection of different kinds of pens, markers, paper, and journals. She said she never ends up using any of it but she loves collecting it! Akshay loves researching anything and everything. True story – he stayed up until 4 am one night because he was reading about HVAC systems purely out of genuine interest and nothing else!

These cuties love movies (whether it’s at the movie theater or at home) and some good food and drinks. They will usually have a little wine while they cook and then put on a movie to watch while they eat. They are homebodies and love to just be at home and relax together! They also love to go fruit picking and make dessert out of it together. How sweet is that?!

Riya & Akshay,

Thank you both for being such a dream to work with! I loved getting to capture your connection and love this summer! You made my job so fun and easy! I can’t wait to see where your love story goes from here! Congratulations, love birds!!

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Summer Willowwood Arboretum Engagement Session, NJ | Riya & Akshay

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