Their Session: Renault Winery, Egg Harbor City, NJ

Ahhh, this absolutely magical winter Renault Winery engagement session is one I’ll dream of forever! If you’re just as obsessed with cozy holiday vibes as Nicholle and Anthony are, you’re going to love scrolling through this winter wonderland session. A winery adorned with twinkling string lights, warmth, and charm was the perfect location to capture the genuine love and joy these two share.

I had so much fun exploring the winery on a chilly weekday since we had the space almost entirely to ourselves! We totally lucked out with all the options on the property that were perfectly decorated for the holidays that were just a few days away!

Nicholle and Anthony picked beautiful outfits for the different settings we were able to use! Nicholle’s cozy, off-the-shoulder sweater, leather pants, and heeled boots paired perfectly with Anthony’s knit grey sweater and neutral khakis! I love that they kept the color palette neutral to keep the focus on their emotions, expressions, and love! When we went inside to warm up, we knew the restaurant bar area surrounded by warm lights, wine barrels, and Christmas trees would be the perfect space for their chic, formal outfits – a silk dress and navy suit! They nailed the styling for this session: A+!

Their Love Story

From the moment they met, it was clear that Nicholle and Anthony shared a connection that could get through anything. Their love story unfolded during the challenging times of the pandemic, keeping them physically apart for eight months as the world shut down. Although they couldn’t meet in person, they talked every single day until they could finally meet – those conversations became the cornerstone of an unbreakable bond.

They had both always said they would never get married, and now look at them – adoringly in love with one another. She said, “He has actually been in my phone as “husband” since we started officially dating.” She truly knew he was the one from the start!

Their Proposal

Imagine getting engaged to the love of your life with the romantic backdrop of Venice, Italy around you – how magical, right?!

Nicholle’s grandmother sadly passed before their trip to Italy, so Nicholle was struggling to feel up for going on the trip at all. Of course, she had no idea that Anthony had this big surprise planned! With a lot of convincing, they chose to still go on the trip and embrace the joys in life despite the hardships.

Anthony told her there was a surprise she would need to get ready for, which she totally didn’t expect! He helped her get ready, picked out her outfit, and assured her that she would love the plans. With a hidden photographer waiting for them, they made their way over to a beautiful bridge, which is one of the last bridges in Venice without railings!

She shared, “As we made it to the center, he told me that for all the years that we have wished at 11:11 together, it has always been his wish to marry me. He got down on one knee & I lost it. Directly after, we took a private gondola ride at sunset and got to discuss all the details of the proposal, like how he asked my parents (and my dog) for permission. It was one of the best moments of my life. Although there were some roadblocks and a little bit of anxiety due to so much prior emotion, it turned out to be a dream come true.” What an absolutely incredible way to start their forever together!!

Their favorite date night revolves around their mutual love for food, especially with long conversations over a meal. As for their wedding vision, they’re dreaming of a cozy celebration to capture the cheery holiday vibes in December. Their winter engagement session was a prelude to this vision, for sure!

Nicholle and Anthony,

It was such a special evening getting to celebrate your engagement, and I’m so honored you chose me to capture your love along this journey!! Your winter Renault Winery engagement session will forever live rent-free in my mind. 🙂 Your warmth, happiness, and giddy personalities did not go unnoticed – you two truly felt like friends from the moment we met, and I feel so lucky to know you both!! I can’t wait to do it all again on your wedding day this December at Perona Farms!

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Winter Renault Winery Engagement Session, Egg Harbor, NJ | Nicholle & Anthony

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