Their Session: Private Farm Property, NJ

The day of Jeanie and Tony’s woodsy farm engagement session was suuuper cold, but these two were such incredible troopers! Even though we all felt like icicles, Jeanie and Tony were ALL about getting cute photos, REGARDLESS of the freezing temperature, which I loved! Their sesh location was so beautiful from the woods in the fall, cool ruins, and red barn door with some special guests! Jeanie actually works with the owner of the property and it was so sweet of them to offer it up for their engagement photos! Even though the cold weather wasn’t ideal, it made for so many super cute photos of these two wrapping up super close to each other for warmth! They totally rocked the cozy vibes and looked so adorable doing it!

Their Love Story

I adore the story of how Jeanie and Tony met. In the summer of 2009, Jeanie was working at a local farm stand one day when Tony’s best friend, Greg, saw her as he was driving past. Greg decided to stop at the farm stand to introduce himself, with the intention of asking her on a date! After talking to Jeanie for a while, Greg realized that she would be a perfect fit for Tony, so as he was leaving, he called Tony and told him, “You need to go to the farm stand as soon as you get out of work! You’ll know what I mean as soon as you get there. Don’t ask why, you’ll thank me later.” And now, nine years later Jeanie and Tony are engaged! Go, Greg – such a matchmaker!

Tony proposed to Jeanie after getting home from a night out of pumpkin carving and dinner with friends. Earlier in the evening, while they were driving from dinner to their friends’ house, Tony turned on the song “The Rest of Mine” by Trace Adkins and Jeanie recalled Tony asking her, “Do you remember this song? And the last time that you heard it?” Jeanie told me she felt puzzled, “I tried and tried to remember anything about this song—but I couldn’t.”

Tony laughed and told Jeanie she could think about it and come back to it later. So, later that night, right as they were getting ready to go to bed for the night, Jeanie said, “I feel terrible, but I can’t remember anything specific about that song. Can you tell me about what you meant?” Tony smiled and said, “That song was our friends’ wedding song.” It started to come back to Jeanie as she remembered hearing that song at that wedding! Tony continued, “Do you remember what I said to you while this song was playing?” She dug deep and tried to remember, but she couldn’t quite remember. Finally, Tony said, “Four years ago, I told you that the next time you heard that song, something really big was going to happen in your life,” and it definitely did, because Tony asked Jeanie to marry her right then! <3 How special is that!!

Jeanie and Tony,

I had SO much fun exploring this new location with you two and I loved getting to know you both even better! You two truly were the adventurous souls I knew you were and took this chilly fall day on like champs! I am beyond lucky and thankful to get to be a part of this journey with you, and I literally CANNOT wait for your wedding at Perona Farms next year! Ah! So excited!!

Woodsy Fall Engagement Session, NJ | Jeanie & Tony

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