Their Engagement Session: Brooklyn Commute

Melissa and Jordan’s Brooklyn commute engagement session is one of the most unique sessions I’ve ever shot! Their love story truly began on their work commute, and they have so many amazing memories at each destination along the way. I loved this idea and special storyline this session created as we ventured from spot to spot!

We started at home with their furbaby, Duke, of course! He had to make a special appearance, and then we headed off to the local Woodbridge train station to catch our first train to Newark Penn Station. Since we had a few hours, I love that we snapped some photos in each spot and really just got to hang out and get to know each other even better before their wedding day! After some cute train photos, we shot inside Newark Penn Station before catching the next train to World Trade Center!

World Trade Center was such a fun location with so many cool features from the ceiling design to the architecture outside (in the rain!) to stopping for a drink at Eataly!

Next up, we were off to Brooklyn where these two embraced the rainy weather on our walk to their favorite bar! The vibe here was so cool with so many amazing textures, plants, and little nooks for photos! We chilled out with some drinks and then headed home! A Brooklyn commute engagement session made for some veryyy cute moments!

Their Love Story

These two cuties met at work where Jordan actually trained Melissa on how to run a register she was 17! They’ve known each other for over eleven years, but it wasn’t until they started to commute to Brooklyn together for work that they got closer. Since they’ve been together for a few years, they’ve traveled to numerous state parks in the country and have always made it a point to end in Vegas on their vacations!

Melissa told me, “I love how well Jordan gets along with my family. He fits right in and he loves having my sisters around since he didn’t grow up with siblings. I love how determined Jordan is to build a great life for us and our future family. Jordan is so good with Duke and always wants to make sure he has the best of everything. I can’t even tell you how many hours he has spent researching dog food to make sure our boy has the best of the best. Jordan never takes things too seriously and he doesn’t stress himself out over things he can’t control.”

When I asked Jordan what he loves about Melissa, he said, “I love how much Melissa keeps me on my toes. Melissa is the most responsible person I have ever met. She really always puts our future first in any decision she makes and is a great example that if you want anything in life you can have it through hard work. I also love how creative and caring Melissa is in anything she does. She loves to be creative with meals she makes to even small parties we have with friends or family. Melissa is the smartest person I know.” How adorable are these two?!

Melissa and Jordan,

You two are SO incredibly fun to hang out with, and it’s been so special getting to know you two so well before your wedding day! I cannot wait to celebrate your love and marriage at Liberty House so soon! Thank you for welcoming me into this piece of your love story, it was such an amazing experience and great way to end off my 2022 season with a bang!

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Brooklyn Commute Engagement Session, NY | Melissa & Jordan

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