Their Session: Valley Forge National Historical Park, PA

The start of fall is always such a magical time of year as the leaves start changing and everything has a warm glow. Mary-Margaret and Matt chose one of the best spots in PA at this time of year! Their fall Valley Forge National Historical Park engagement session was the perfect spot to celebrate such an exciting milestone in their lives!

Of course, they brought their whole furbaby family because it wouldn’t be complete without the dogs! All three pups were SO adorable and excited for the camera, and we got the CUTEST individual ‘school picture’ of each pup – my fave!!

Once we snuggled the dogs and said our goodbyes, we roamed around the beautiful park finding all the hidden gem locations around the area! We covered SO much variety within a short walk, which is a huge reason why I love this location! It’s perfect for alllll the unique backgrounds to give my couple a ton of options for save the dates, an engagement session album, and printing pictures for their home!

Their Love Story:

These two met a few times in high school and had mutual friends, but it wasn’t until they crossed paths on a random night in Phoenixville when their friendship truly blossomed. They got along SO well and although their timing was never the best, they both knew they had a strong connection.

A few years down the line, one of Mary-Margaret’s best guy friend’s birthday was coming up, and he would play video games with Matt pretty often while Matt was living in California at the time. Mary was throwing him a surprise birthday party and inviting all of his friends. She texted Matt (hoping it was still the right number after all these years), and asked if he wanted to pull of the ultimate surprise by show up from California at the party!

Matt was totally up for it, so they got all the flights booked and pulled off the best surprise ever! Plus, that meant Matt and Mary could hang out the whole weekend. Their friendship was full of some serious belly laughs and good times like they never skipped a beat.

Secretly, they were both realizing that they’ve had really strong feelings for each other after all these years, and soon after, they started talking nonstop and FaceTiming every day. He ended up putting in his two weeks and moved home to be with Mary ever since! Doesn’t that sound like a freaking perfect movie?! These two have SUCH a sweet connection.

Their Proposal

After getting her nails done for their upcoming trip to Charleston, Mary texted Matt on her way home to see if he wanted any food because the 76ers were coming on. She shared, “He said no thanks, but the dogs got a surprise for you (we are those people who are disgustingly obsessed with our dogs…guilty) and I replied and said “is it food” and he just sent a bunch of laughing faces.

I come home and come through the door to realize the dogs had bandanas on and I was like AWWWW is this the surprise so stinkin cute!! Not realizing Matt was standing there with a ring, and he told me to read the bandanas and the bandanas said “will you marry my dad” I immediately balled my eyes out and ask is this forreal and he was there with the ring and UGH I just loved it. So intimate and so us. In our first home and with our dogs.” I cannot get over how cute these two are!!

They are such big foodies and huge Harry Potter fans just like me (they got me the CUTEST HP-themed gifts for myself and our pup, so incredibly thoughtful)! They love a night where they can just curl up with the doggies and have a Harry Potter Marathon or try out a new amazing restaurant together!

Mary-Margaret & Matt,

It was an absolute JOY and dream to get to capture this part of your love story. Your love is so beautiful to witness, and I’m so glad I could be the one to capture it during this exciting milestone! I couldn’t be happier for you two. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and adventure, Always! ❤️⚡️

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Fall Valley Forge National Historical Park Engagement Session, PA | Mary-Margaret & Matthew

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