Their Session: Hartshorne Woods Park, NJ

This sweet couple modeled for a mentoring session I had with one of my amazing mentees, Ariel Scarpa of Mamaar Photos! Ariel has been a part of my 90-day mentoring program where we have multiple deep-dive calls into her business as well as a live shoot together! I was so excited when Ariel said she asked friends from her gym to model and they said yes! Diana and Lana were such a freaking blast to hang out with and it was so much fun getting to know them! They all joined Crossfit and connected over the last few months there! It was super cool that they made this session totally their own by putting up their hammock and just relaxing together like they would on any regular day! When my couples incorporate pieces of their real life, it makes the photos just that much more memorable and special to their love story!

These two met back in high school where Lana crushed on Diana, and then they reconnected in college where they finally started dating! Their connection was so pure and authentic – you could just tell they adore one another and are truly best friends. They’re also just too funny and we were seriously cracking up the entire shoot!


You’re a freaking rockstar and I’m so beyond proud of how far you’ve come over these last few months. It’s been a dream getting to know you and now have such an amazing photographer friend in my life! Thank you for choosing me as your mentor and for being so open to all the growth and education that came your way! Love ya bunches – keep crushing it!

Lana & Di,

Thank you both for making the trip down to Hartshorne Woods Park for this laidback hiking-style hammock couples session that was just so dang FUN. We’re so grateful that you let us into this piece of your love story, and I hope these images mean so much to you! <3 Thank you!!

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Hammock Couples Session, Hartshorne Woods Park, NJ | Lana & Diana

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