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Janay and Garrett have their last names to thank for the beginning of their love story! They met in their sixth grade science class where they had to sit alphabetically by last name. They dated for a few months in sixth grade, but drifted apart over the next few years. They rekindled their friendship in high school and their relationship became more serious as senior year rolled around. Five years later and they are planning their wedding for next year! I actually went to school with these two and was even in art classes with Garrett when we were younger, so my heart was so full when they asked me to take their engagement photos!

Back in high school, a video of how Garrett asked Janay to prom went around Facebook for weeks. He created this entire “Amazing Race” around town for Janay to complete; she had to stop at each new place for an envelope that had a ask for her to do. It was time sensitive so Janay had to get each task done on time to make sure to get to the next envelope. It was amazing to see their families and friends come together to help make it all happen! The thought that Garrett had put into this “promposal” was so sweet and memorable.. until part two came around.

A few months ago, a Facebook video popped up on my newsfeed named The Amazing Race Part II. I knew from the second I saw the title what was about to happen!! Janay said, “The proposal was a complete surprise to me as I genuinely had NO idea it was coming… My brother, David, tricked me into thinking I was going to be doing a “promotional” video for Hair By Lima (Janay is a hair colorist!), and when I said I wanted to include one more thing that I thought my clients should know, he told me that the same thought I had was written on the next page of his prewritten “script” of what I should cover in my business promo video. When I turned the page, I saw the “Amazing Race” envelope and I thought he was playing a joke. Moments later, I realized it truly was from Garrett and I could not stop crying. It was such a great moment. We shared such great moments together as well as with family and friends!” Not only was Janay crying, but I was sitting in the car in my driveway SOBBING as I watched it. Garrett goes the extra mile with everything he does, and this proposal did not disappoint! Definitely check out both videos, they are so awesome!

We revisited a special park in town where these two spent a lot of time together back in high school. Garrett even carved their initials into a tree years ago, so the pictures there were a really a special touch to their session. I loved how much thought Janay put into the decor for this cozy session. She brought the cutest pillows, candles and signs for them to snuggle up on, which looked amazing in the wooded area we were in. They brought a Rutgers University blanket that Garrett’s grandmother made to honor both her and their university, as well! We ended the session with a celebratory bottle of champagne by the tree with their initials. Janay and Garrett, I am SO happy for you two and wish you both nothing but the best on this new adventure. Enjoy the wedding planning process and don’t forget to take some nights off to continue celebrating your love without the stress of planning (maybe with another bottle of champagne)!


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