Their Session: Mercer County Boathouse, NJ

This Mercer County Boathouse maternity session is extra special because it was for my incredible cousin, Melanie, and her husband, Brandon! I was so honored when they asked if I would capture these pictures to celebrate their little one on the way! What a DREAM!

Despite a chilly day with heavy wind by the water, these two crushed it during their session – they were all laughs and sweetness as they thought about their love story and becoming parents!! I loved getting to hear all the updates like how the jungle-themed nursery is coming along, hearing about the little baby kicks Mel has felt, and all the excitement for her baby shower coming up! I truly couldn’t be happier for these two and just know how excited they are for this next stage in life!

Their Love Story

Melanie and Brandon were set up through two of their close friends. Melanie’s friend Katie’s husband, John, worked with Brandon, and they had a feeling that Mel would get along well with Brandon! John told Brandon that his wife had a friend he would like. Just like that – they were connected!

Brandon messaged Mel on Facebook and they couldn’t stop talking to each other. After a few weeks, Brandon asked Mel on a date to the Cheesecake Factory. They talked for hours at dinner and walked around the mall. Mel asked Brandon all about the meaning of his tattoos and how many he had and Brandon couldn’t believe Mel ordered calamari on the first date! The rest was history. They clicked so well from the start and knew after a few dates that they had something really special!

These two love staying in cuddled up the couch – Mel with a book and Brandon with his video games. When they do go out, they love heading to their favorite restaurants where Mel gets crab legs and Brandon gets his favorite wings!

When I asked what they’re most excited for when it comes to being parents, Melanie shared, “We can’t wait to see his face and his smile and little laugh. We are excited for all the smiles and joy he’s going to bring into our lives. We can’t wait to explore raising our little one together as a team and watching the boy he will grow into.”

Brandon hopes their baby gets Melanie’s honest and caring nature and grows up to be family-oriented and as smart as Melanie is!

Mel hopes their baby gets Brandon’s goofiness, love for animals, and kindness! Plus, she hopes he learns how to be Mr. Fix It, just like his father!

Melanie & Brandon,

Thank you so much for choosing me to document this exciting part of your love story! I’m SO honored to be a part of this milestone in your lives! You’re going to be such incredible parents and I can’t wait to meet your little perfect baby SO soon! Love you endlessly!! xo

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Mercer County Boathouse Maternity Session, NJ | Melanie & Brandon

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