Their Session: Yellow Rose Bakery, NJ

OMG, can I just repeat this session over and over?! Adorable couple in love, vegan bakery, and a pitbull? What a DREAM! Brahn and Griffin are such a fun duo who truly keeps one another laughing nonstop! They just have to look at one another and it’s so clear that they’re in love! It was so special getting to hang with them at one of their favorite vegan bakeries, Yellow Rose Bakery! I’ve ordered from Yellow Rose in the past, and it was so cool getting to actually visit their shop!

We ventured over to South Mountain Reservation to explore the trails and get a bit of fun nature in the mix! We started with drinks and picnic style photos before venturing into the woods a bit more! Chance, their adorable pitbull, was loving his time hanging out with us! You’ll see the BIGGEST smile on his face – such a cutie!!

Their Love Story

When I asked Brahn about their love story, she said, “Did someone order a best friends to lovers trope?” Griffin and Brahn met when we they in the first grade when he moved to town! He likes to tell everyone that’s when they started dating! They were friendly/casual friends until middle school when they became a bit closer, until he pulled the extremely antiquated move of bullying her in 7th grade because he liked her!

She said, “Well, that didn’t fly with me so I threw a bowling ball at him in gym class… don’t worry it was rubber and I’m pretty sure I missed!!!! I promise that makes for a very funny story now 10 years later. In the 8th grade, I moved an hour away. I lived there for roughly 3 years before my family moved back, and in that time we kept in touch casually via social media. He was always a sweetheart, and was always supportive of me and my interests. I was a little bummed that no one liked the same music as me around that time, and he went out of his way to listen to my favorite bands! When I moved back junior year, we had classes together, and would greet me there every morning by saying “Good morning beautiful!” Me being 16, did not think anything of it… he was just being friendly. We were best friends. We hung out a bunch, and I even stupidly got into his car the day after he got his license. We had a lot of fun and those are always some wholesome memories. *Turns out he liked me as more than friends and I was oblivious.*”

They remained close friends until he moved away after graduation, and she went to college. They experieced a lot over those years, and when Griffin came back, Brahn made more of an effort to be in his life again. It took little to no time at all to be best friends again, she said!

They found their way back to one another and fell in love! Pre-pandemic, they loved to travel anywhere and everywhere. They love live music, finding new vegan restaurants, and the good old outdoors. “We have a beautiful grey pitbull named Chance who likes to hike with us as well. He’s our baby!”

Their Proposal

They went to visit Grand Canyon NP and Joshua Tree NP! They were MAGICAL. She said, “Then we ventured more west in California and got to relive our lil trip from 4 years ago. We watched the sunset from the Santa Monica pier and Griffin got down on one knee. He said that ever since the first time we went there together, he knew he wanted to spend forever with me, and asked me to marry him. I said yes!!! It was absolutely perfect. A setting sun, a rising full moon, and a perfect sunburst ring. He just gets me!”

Brahn & Griffin,

You two are such a dream to photograph – it truly felt like capturing two best friends in love! I adore seeing your love shine through, sharing vegan treats together, and exploring nature with Chance!! I cannot wait until your big day next fall where we celebrate your marriage at the most gorgeous venue, Mountain Lakes Park!

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Vegan Yellow Rose Bakery Engagement Session, NJ | Briana & Griffin

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