Their Session: Huber Woods Park, NJ

Oh my goooodness, this fall Huber Woods Park engagement session is one for the books! A couple madly in love and a gorgeous fall day?! Count me in! I LOVED getting to hang out with Emily and Austin for a few hours as we explored this gorgeous park and got to know each other even better! Their love and joy together is so tangible and I can’t help but melt every time I look at their gallery!

I love that they incorporated their love of hammocking into their session – keep scrolling to see! Their hammock made for such a fun prop and cute, cozy vibe for their second outfit! These two were up for anything from rolling around in fields to running around together until sunset. It was truly such a dream engagement session for an even more dreamy couple!

Their Love Story

When I asked Emily and Austin to share more about their story, Emily sent me back a Google doc with so much fun detail from their history! I LOVED getting to see so much of their personality shine through in the way she talks about them! <3

She said, “This is one of my favorite stories to tell in person because Austin always chimes in from the background…just like he did the first night we met.”

They were both in college at Monmouth University. He was on the football team and had to take a Theater Appreciation class that required students to attend live plays. Due to practice and game schedules, the professor allowed the players to watch from home. So, Austin and his teammates did the assignment…in the middle of a dorm pregame party about a month from finals at the end of Emily’s freshman year, and Austin’s junior year! 🤣

Emily said, “I was talking to another player about Jeeps, and I heard a (condescending) voice from across the room, “What do you know about Jeeps?” I turned to see Austin sitting on the couch staring back at me. “Um…well, I own one, and have done some work to it…” and went back to my conversation. It took two more interruptions from him- both met with increasingly annoyed replies from me- until I mentioned growing up around wild animals and he overheard me mention wolves. “Okay, and what do you know about wolves?” I answered with ‘…My parents own a f*&$#%@ wolf preserve!’ Clearly, he never expected that response- because really, who owns a wolf preserve?- but I finally got nothing but an open-mouthed stare and an “Oh…well then” reply, followed by silence and glances for the rest of the night.” LOL, so funny getting to hear the play-by-play of their first interactions!

“Fast forward to move-in weekend the following year, when a friend invited me and my roommates to a pre-game at his house. We walked in the door…and Austin was sitting on the couch. I immediately rolled my eyes and he answered with “Oh, I remember you!”  I found out within minutes that Austin (aka ‘Kugs’) was that friend’s housemate…and someone I’d be spending a ton of time with that year.”

Although they were both in relationships in college, they became close friends over the years. They ended up both being single during Emily’s junior year (and Austin’s gap year), and went out for his birthday! At the end of the night, their hug goodbye turned into their first kiss and their relationship was ‘official’ a day later!

She said, “I’d always bring up the first night we met and he still swears he was just so nervous to talk to me, that he went with the kid mentality of picking on or being mean to the person you had a crush on. He came back to college the next year and we graduated together, lived apart for maybe 2 months (while constantly driving 2 hours back and forth to see each other), settled on an apartment together…and 8 years later, we’re finally planning our wedding after a 3-year engagement!”

Their Proposal

In early 2019, they planned a *dream* trip to California & Lake Tahoe. Austin, Emily, her two best friends since kindergarten, and her college roommate hopped on a plane in August to San Francisco, and drove a rental to Yosemite Village.

On their second to last day there, they were hiking back to the car and Emily rolled her ankle – she said, “I’m notoriously a little clumsy.” Austin and her friends seemed more panicked than they should be…and kept mentioning their “big hike” to Sentinel Dome the next day.

“Austin went to the shop that night for supplies, and wrapped and taped up my ankle the next morning like he was a pro-athletic trainer. We were simply not skipping that hike. When we got to the top of the dome, we were surrounded by the craziest views I’ve ever seen. My friend Alyssa suggested setting up her go-pro for some group shots, and while taking pictures on my phone, I heard Austin calling my name. I kept saying “One sec!”…I was trying to get a good panorama, but finally turned around to him on one knee. After a really shaky proposal- I’ve never seen Austin nervous and he was truly a mess- my immediate reaction was to cover my face and repeat “Oh my god, no way,” and then of course “YES!” followed by a lot of tears.

My friends had packed a DIY banner and camping mugs for pictures and the whole experience was simply so… “us.” After hiking back, we had champagne at our cabins and headed to Tahoe the next day to finish out our (unforgettable) trip.”

What a DREAM proposal!!

Emily & Austin,

You two are truly next-level AMAZING! I knew from the moment we connected via email that you were my kind of people. After grabbing coffee for hours and then hanging at your engagement session, I just adore you two and your love!! It’s so special getting to see so many years of friendship and love culminate in such a beautiful, meaningful engagement session! I CANNOT freaking wait to celebrate your marriage next fall at Magnolia Streamside Resort Poconos! Counting down the days! <3 Love you both so much!!

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Fall Huber Woods Park Engagement Session, NJ | Emily & Austin

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