Their Session: Round Valley Reservoir, Clinton, NJ

Cait and Sean’s foggy Round Valley Reservoir engagement session was such an incredible experience!! We adventured around the gorgeous reservoir that was almost completely empty due to the smoky air. These two were troopers in the wild weather, but it truly made for some magical photos! Round Valley had incredible views from the lake to the rocky terrain, and Cait and Sean were down for any ideas I threw their way like walking along the rocks and getting deep into the field for amazing photos!

Then, we went back to Cait’s parents’ home where we took photos in their amazing backyard! Plenty of variety from gardens to the pool to the outdoor bar! It was so much fun getting to see these two in their element making Ranch Waters from scratch and dipping their feet in the water!

Truly, the laughter didn’t stop from minute one, and it was SO sweet getting to see their love shine through in these pictures. I heard all about their love story, but getting to witness it in person is just next level!!

Their Love Story

Caitlin and Sean initially connected on Hinge in August 2020 when they were living in Raleigh, NC. After sharing a few comments back and forth, they wanted to meet in person. Sean planned their first date at a low-key, beach bar called ‘Lola’s Beach Bar’ in a cool part of Raleigh where they both lived at the time! They instantly clicked and after a marg or two, they continued their date to a dive bar in Raleigh called ‘Cardinal Bar.’ Sean’s roommate and best friend, Llyod, had called him mid way through their night out, so they invited him to come join because they were having such a terrific time together.

The night turned into more drinks and more laughs and ended with the 3 of them catching a ride home in a convertible with ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles blasting on the radio – a memory they’ll never forget and will cherish forever! Llyod will be the officiant at their wedding – how sweet is that?! They started officially dating on Super Bowl Sunday 2021, moved in together later that year, and realized that this was the real deal both wanting to spend a lifetime together.

Caitlin rescued a beautiful long-haired domestic kitten (white and grey with bright green eyes) in 2018. Once, Sean came into the picture in 2020 he became the best Cat Daddy out there. They are obsessed with Lola and she runs the household as they say! She made a special appearance at the engagement session, too!

When I asked what qualities they love most about one another, Caitlin said, “Sean anchors me. He calms me down when I am overwhelmed. He is my voice of reason. I can always count on Sean no matter what.” And Sean shared that “Caitlin is legit the most genuine person I have ever met. She is an empath at heart and goes out of her way to make sure she is giving all of her love and attention to me. She is a keeper!”

Their go-to date nights are always a blast whether that’s dinner at a new restaurant, drinks at a new bar/lounge, exploring new areas and meandering in and out of shops, or staying home with a homecooked dinner, fun cocktails, and a movie or music!

The Proposal

In September of 2022, Sean proposed on the beach in North Carolina in the sweetest way. He wanted to keep the proposal very intimate for just the two of them, so he captured a photo of them right before it happened and then right after it happened. The next day, he wrote up a full 9-page recap story with time stamps to share with family & friends since they didn’t have video/photos capturing the moment. He is incredible at writing from the heart, and his words convey the moment perfectly. There were so many amazing memories recapped in the story, but in that exact proposal moment, Sean wrote, “I was in such a state of euphoria, where I found myself on one knee asking the most important question of my life: Will you marry me? … Without hesitation, she said YES. Cait and I hugged each other immediately. I could feel Cait’s legs trembling, heart racing, and pure love in her voice. It was an overwhelmingly, amazingly perfect moment that we shared together. By ourselves in the state where we met. It was bliss. No moment in life can compare.”

I fully teared up reading the whole story of their beautiful beach proposal – secluded from anyone else. Sean recalled the tiniest details like the way Cait’s hair was, the way the ocean met the sand, the feeling of a few too many Ranch Waters from the night before, Cait’s reaction to the proposal, calling their parents, and how they just soaked it all in together hugging and not letting go. The most precious!!!

They told me what they love most about being engaged is that “We are a team. Have always been a team, but after we got engaged it felt like we truly became one. A wild feeling that will carry with us from the day we got engaged until forever.”

Cait & Sean,

You two are literally UNREAL, and I’m so beyond grateful to be your photographer!! I had such a blast at your Round Valley Reservoir engagement session! It was so much fun getting to spend an evening hanging out like old friends, laughing and hearing all about your wedding plans! So excited to celebrate your laidback, whimsical winter wedding this December at Ashford Estate! Congratulations on your engagement!!! xoxo Next up, wedding day!

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Round Valley Reservoir Engagement Session, NJ | Caitlin & Sean

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