.couple kissing in waterfall at engagement session in hacklebarney state park in new jerseyTheir Session: Hacklebarney State Park, NJ

Getting to explore the gorgeous Hacklebarney State Park with these high school sweethearts was such a dream day! We lucked out with perfect spring weather to show off Shey and Shawn’s love story! They seriously were SO much fun to hang out with and get to know better as a couple! I went to high school with them, but never knew too much about their relationship! Let me tell ya, it’s a freaking CUTE one!

We hiked around, got our feet wet in the waterfall, and danced as the sun set! What more could I ask for?! I love how much fun Sheyenne and Shawn have together no matter what they’re doing. You can just tell that they’re truly best friends who love being together.

Curious how they thought the session went?! Here’s what Sheyenne texted me that night: “Thank you so so much, it was fun, comfortable and definitely an unforgettable experience ā€” never change šŸ„°.” How sweet are they?! Love helping create unforgettable experiences for my couples! <3

Their Love Story

Shawn and Sheyenne shared mutual friends for quite some time but she said she’ll never forget the true beginning of their love story. She said, “I was a junior, he was a senior and we were at the homecoming dance (is this a Taylor Swift song?). Shawn had come up to a friend I was with, threatening to tell her boyfriend she was dancing with other guys. Being the friend I am, I got extremely defensive/protective- a little bit of yelling, harsh words, etc. The next night, I remember I was cooking in the kitchen with my mom and I got a text from a number I didn’t have, asking “why do you hate me.” Spoiler alert: unknown number was Shawn!
We began talking and shortly thereafter decided to hang out with the same friend I was with and her boyfriend. He was late coming back from a firecall and I’ll always remember it was because he was making a ham and cheese sandwich šŸ™‚ It was an instant connection, I wanted him to hug me so badly after he offered to drive me home.

Their Proposal

A while after, Shawn asked me to go to Belmar beach…at night..in the freezing cold. He asked me out and I said “sure” even though I was screaming inside. We went to a party together right after. We have been inseparable ever since!” Ohhh, high school romance!! šŸ™‚
They told me that the stars quite literally aligned for their proposal! She had a new manicure just by chance, so nails were good to go! They also got to see his family while Christmas tree shopping. They saw her family the day after! She happened to take 2 days off of work and asked him to go down to the beach! It’s just something they like to do. Although it was freezing and raining, they still went down to look at the water. She forgot her jacket, so he gave his jacket to her, but then he only had his jeans pocket holding the ring box. She said he was taking pictures behind her and acting weird! Shawn said she kept trying to turn around while he was fidgeting nervously to get the box open. He got down on his knee, and asked Sheyenne to marry him! Like in the question above, she said “you know I have to say sure, but yes!”
Apparently the whole time Shawn had been trying to figure out how to get her to the beach without her being suspicious, and she wound up being the one even bringing up the idea! šŸ™‚
Shawn loves how supportive Sheyenne is and that she has always accepted him for who he is! He also admires her passion for everything she does! Sheyenne loooves that Shawn caves into her guilty pleasures, that he values family, and that he’s always been the one thing that keeps her grounded! Shawn said his favorite thing about being engaged is that it just feels right and not forced ā€“ he said, “we just work” šŸ™‚ I love that!!

Sheyenne & Shawn,

I had such a fun time at your spring Hacklebarney State Park engagement session with you two! It was so special getting to know you two and your relationship even more! I can’t wait to celebrate your marriage next April at Rock Island Lake Club ā€“ it’s going to be such a dream day!! Enjoy every second of being engaged! <3 Thank you for being so so amazing and just such a blast to hang with! Love ya bunches xo
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Spring Hacklebarney State Park Engagement Session, NJ | Sheyenne & Shawn

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